Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 Outfit Round Up: Kimberley

Hello 2015!!! I can' believe it's come around so soon! Hope you all had a lovely Hogmanay, whether you partied hard or stayed in and kept cosy. I'm excited to see where 2015 takes Wardrobe Conversations, but before we move on with new plans and schemes lets take a look back at some 2014 highlights. Like last year, we've decided to pick out our favourites from each others outfit back catalogue. It's nice to look through and see how Kimberley's style has evolved over the past year. It also gives me the perfect opportunity to earmark some pieces I want to borrow in the coming year!
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The first set of looks I loved from Kimberley was her abundance of tropical prints. We're taking bright colours and summery motifs. In true Scottish fashion these were all worn with grey skies in the background, rather than the brilliant sunshine we are always optimistically hoping for.

I'm a big fan of this pineapple tee that Kimberley wore for the first of many visits to Mademoiselle Macaroon. So jolly and it looked great with the bold skirt. The dress she wore to the Etsy Craft Party was a real eye catcher and I loved how Kim made it more playful by matching it with some jellies. I did adore the palm tree look she accessorised with a ukulele, but mostly it deserves to go in due to the injuries sustained during this shoot. Heels, Kimberley and high, uneven surfaces do not go well and she ended up taking a dive into a rock pool.

"Do you want to go to hospital Kim?" "No, I'll just go sit in the car."

What a trooper. Even if her ankle has never fully recovered, the photos and outfit look great!

2014 round up, favourite outfits, what Kimberley wore, party outfits, sequins and sparkle, going out, party dress, Scottish Blogger
As well as tropically prints, 2014 was the year Kimberley fully embraced the party outfit. We're talking sequins, glitter and rainbow colours. We may not have had many soirees to attend but Kimberley made the most of each and every opportunity to dress up.

The tinsel Vintage Style Me dress she wore to the Wear Eponymous pop up was (and still is) very much on my wishlist. Kim wore it perfectly with her Betty Bombshell updo and our sparkly photo booth in the background. The blue vintage prom dress sadly stayed at Judy's Vintage Fair but I loved the colour on Kimberley and how it looked with her boots and frilly socks. The sequin crop top in the last photo is very high on my to borrow list. It's so sparkly and looked great styled simply with a sleek black outfit for our blog birthday photoshoot.

There were lots more outfits I would have loved to have included but thought it best to keep it brief. There is room for one more though and that is my absolute favourite Kimberley ensemble of 2014......  2014 round up, favourite outfits, what Kimberley wore, Halloween outfit, psychic style, Scottish Blogger
After picking so many colourful outfits it's a bit odd that this all black one is my number one. Our Halloween Girl Gang shoot was one of my favoutites of the year and I am so pleased with the resulting images and video.  Kimberley really captured the spooky mood in this fabulous psychic inspired get up. Plus her hair game was super strong for this shoot and she sure knows how to rock a turban.

So there we have it, my favourite looks from Kimberley's wardrobe of wonders. What do you think of my picks? 


  1. Oh, I love the glittery ones! That sequin crop top will always be my fave xx

  2. Been loving all the party outfits this year <3 Gisforgingers xx