Friday, 30 January 2015

January 15 Round Up

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Doing: This month I took my first furtive steps into magazine writing. I was asked to contribute to a local wee magazine on Edinburgh style. It's nice to put my degree to some use and I hope it's well received. I was also invited to be this month's cover girl, so I teamed up with photographer Mint and Chillies to create a cute wintry head shot. It's not out yet so I don't want to count my chickens but I think it's going to be a regular column!

Watching: I've started watching the new channel 4 comedy, Catastrophe. It stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney as an unlikely couple thrown together by an accidental one night stand pregnancy. It's frank, it's funny and it's fast paced. I'm two episodes in and enjoying it so far.

Buying: This is a pretty boring fact but my new washing machine runs seriously hot and has shrunk all my clothes. This has forced- forced!- me to take advantage of this month's sales. Unfortunately, most of it has been boring office clothes but I did but a full sequin dress from Topshop! I'm a human mirror ball.

Clicking: I have signed up to Depop because there seem to be a lot of good offers on there from small designers and bloggers and January has been a good time to scope out all the post-Christmas bargains... but I haven't actually bought anything yet. How do you actually do that?!!

Round Up, January, January highlights, Oban, Pretty Little Liars, New Look chocolate bar bag, Glasgow Fashion Girl  
Doing: At the start of the month I took a wee trip to Oban with Ross and his family. It's always a nice drive across and the weather was crisp and sunny. We stayed in a lovely hotel and had a very tasty meal. I also had an awesome bath. I'm talking colour changing lights and lots and lots of bubbles! It was just a short trip but it was great to get away. It's got me planning some other wee trips I'd like to take through out the rest of the year.

Watching: I have been working my way through Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Ross has been away this week so it's been on constantly. It is utterly ridiculous and I'm not really sure why I keep watching it but it's got be hooked. Don't you hate/love it when that happens?!

Buying: I've been trying my hardest not to buy anything this month. It's been tough with all the sales on but, as mentioned in our sales round up, I did treat myself to a little something. I picked up the chocolate bar clutch for a tiny £2. Pretty much the price of a bar itself. Now to plan a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory shoot.

Clicking: The lovely Glasgow Fashion Girl has relaunched her blog. It has a fabulous new look and her first couple of posts are right up my street. Her Valentine's Wishlist is full of stuff that I've been coveting and introduced a few more things to add to my own shopping list. So excited to see what she comes up with next. 

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