Friday, 16 January 2015

Our Sale Picks

Sale picks, top sale bargains, Samantha Pleet printed jumpsuit, Illamasua raindrop nail polish, Katze Shop deco necklace, New Look Doughnut clutch bag, Sew Lomax day and night clutch bags

1.) Jumpsuit | Samantha Pleet
I absolutely love this print, it's so magical and detailed. I mean who doesn't love a print that features monkeys, goats and UNICORNS! Plus the jumpsuit shape is a real show stopper.

2.) Nail Varnish in Raindrops | Illamasqua
I've been wanting to try out Illamasqua products for a while. Not only do they have an amazing array of beauty offerings they also don't do any nasty testing on animals. The only thing that's stopped me buying from them is the fact that the prices is a little higher than what I normally spend. That's were a good old sale helps out. It gives me the chance to try something new, without breaking the bank. Then if it turns out to be fabulous I won't mind spending that bit extra next time. This shimmery bluey grey is just beautiful.

3.) Deco Triangle Pendant | Katze Shop
And I think the nail polish above would go rather splendidly with this lovely necklace. The simple deco shape is so easy to wear and the holographic sparkles make it even more special.

4.) Doughnut Clutch | New Look
I love me a novelty handbag and have been eyeing up so many these past few months, including all the New Look food based ones.When I spotted some of them in the sale for only £2!!!! I knew it was time I added one to my collection. I went for the tasty chocolate bar but this doughnut one was also winking at me.

5.) Day Time Sites and Night Time Delights Clutch | Sew Lomax
Speaking of novelty clutches, I saw this ingenious creation  when we were at The Wardrobe and fell in love. It features a large pouch for day time which has a smaller one for evening outings. They can be attached together for extra space or detached for separate occasions. So very versatile! And two beautifully embroidered bags for £12, what an absolute bargain.

Sale Picks, top sale bargains, Cleo Ferin Mercury detachable collar, Irregular Choice velcro shoes, Lulu Guinness pouch, Teatum Jones patterned skirt, Sugar and Vice necklace

1.) Trapeze Artists Collar | Cleo Ferin Mercury
I love pretty much everything in this sale- Cleo's scarves are a delight- but the 1950's inspired collars are top of my list. I'm also pretty tempted to pick up the sweet little Christmas pudding one for next year...

2.) I'm Yours Shoes | Irregular Choice
This was actually the first time in a long time that I've checked out Irregular Choices website and I have to say, it made me dizzy! So much fun on one page- and that's before you look at the shoes. When I was at Uni I had a real fling with their courtesan shoes and I had a few- the most memorable had knickers printed all over them! The brand is back in the limelight thanks to their innovative bunny heels and new wedding collection but these changeable velcro slogan shoes are fun too!

3.) Bits & Bobs Pouch | Lulu Guinness
Who doesn't love a bit of Lulu Guinness? I thought I'd pick something non lips-shaped for a change and I adore these little humbug jars on this pouch. I have absolutely no idea what I'd keep in it but who cares when it looks this cute!

4.) Florence Jaquard Skirt | Teatum Jones
Arrgggghhhh! I have been in love with this skirt forever but at £1130 it was seriously out of my price range. Now at 70% off it is expensive... but oh so tempting!! I think if I had the opportunity to try it on I would be skipping the food shop this week to buy this beauty.

5.) Trident Necklace | Sugar and Vice
And now to calm myself down with something extremely affordable- this little piece to make me a mermaid. At this price I can take the shell necklace too!


  1. I went for the milkshake bag (annoyingly, when they were a whole FOUR POUNDS) - as well as an awesome bag from Accessorise!

    1. Was eying up the milkshake bag as well. Wish I'd picked it up! Oohh that cassette bag is super cute. I'm also having a bit of bag moment too. I want them all!!! Hx

  2. I passed up on the Doughnut Clutch in New Look on Friday and wondering if I'm regretting it now! Gisforgingers xx

    1. Never pass up food shaped fashion! Think that might be my new moto. Hx