Friday, 23 January 2015

Top 10 Knitwear Wonders

January. It's dark, it goes on forever and it's really bloody chilly out there. We hate being cold so we're spending our days dreaming of colourful and cosy knitwear. And what better thing to do with those dreams than compile a top 10 of our favourite knitted wonders.  

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1.) Honeycomb Hat and Gloves Set | NorClothing
NorClothing is a relative newcomer in niche knitwear but is already making waves- being stocked in Topshop. Beautiful minimalistic pieces at affordable prices make these pieces so covetable- this set will be wearable for seasons. Also, we heart designer Eleanor Scott's instagram!

2.) Hidden Message Mittens | Eka via Godiva
Chunky mittens are just what's needed when heading out into the cold. These ones are nice and neutral, so easy to wear with any outfit but watch out for the surprise on the thumbs. Such cute little smiley faces! AND, as if that wasn't enough, they're joined together with string. Old school (primary school) style. 

3.) Jumper with Message | Sonia by Sonia Rykel
We had to include something by the official Queen of Knits herself. Are you Dreaming? it asks. Yes, of this jumper.

4.) Blanket Scarf | Hilary Grant
We LOVE Hilary Grant knits. Understated, classy yet fun too. And oh so soft and warm. Just look at this mahoosive blanket scarf. Not only perfect for staying warm out of doors but also for snuggling up on the sofa.

5.) Watermelon Sweater | Shelia Couture
There best way to battle the winter blues is with something summery. This fruity watermelon jumper makes us think of warmer days but still keeps us toasty while we wait for them to actually arrive. Plus the subtle pattern is oh so cute.

Top 10, Top ten, Knitwear, We are Rushworth penguin blanket, Lazy Oaf Bobble hat, House of Holland lipstick sweater, And Other Stories Super

6.) Penguin Blanket | We Are Rushworth
Since spotting this at the Scotland Re:Designed last year, we have been dreaming about this blanket. The print, the colours, the way it matches perfectly with Kimberley's living room decor. We have just seen that the scarf version has been released too!

7.) Bobski Bobble Hat | Lazy Oaf
One of the more 'demure' Lazy Oaf prints, this bobble hat still manages to be vibrant and punchy. Even we can pull this off with our granny chic styling.

8.) Tree Socks | Donna Wilson
Master of quirky knitwear had to make an appearance on our list. While we love some of her larger items (hello, house coat!) they're a little out of our January price bracket. These fun socks bring some bright Donna Wilson charm but in a much more purse friendly way.

9.) Lipstick Embellished Sweater | House of Holland
Sweat rather than knit but it's cosy and embellished with lipsticks so it totally counts! Plus a bit of sparkle is very much needed in this grey month.

10.) Super Sweater | & Other Stories
Slouchy, simple and just plain super. Of course we love this!

So that's our top 10. What would be on yous?

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