Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What Kimberley Wore: NYE

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Dress | Vintage Style Me
Shoes | DUO Boots*
Egg Hair Accessory | Luna on the Moon
Eyelashes | We Are Faux
Lonely Bone Ring | Bloody Mary Metal

This Hogmanay our bestie Susan was home from Dubai to visit- yay! Due to her flight times we decided to have an old school house party in Arbroath, which soon turned into a retro early 2000s school party at Heather Mac's new flat. A proper 'EMPTYYY' because she didn't finish work 'til later and we started without her.

During these times (before the Biffy Clyro obsession and heavy eyeliner) I was really into pink. Like, 24/7 sparkly Hello Kitty pink. I decided to create an homage to it with this uber sparkly tinsel dress (it is what prompted me to get it after all) and topped it off with EVEN MORE sparkle in the form of my amazing fried egg hair clip and stunning silver glitter eyelashes. I was a princess in my pink party hat. I crimped my hair a la 2001 for a bit of a laugh but actually the waver I used (my sister's Babyliss one) did a pretty great job and when my hair relaxed it gave me the Fearne Cotton locks I've been craving. It lasted two days too, so I've invested in my own pair. I heart my short hair!
The lonely bone BMM ring is one I've wanted for ages and my babe Helen came up trumps with this Christmas gift. It fits perfectly too... so does this mean we are now married, or just engaged?
I wore my comfy boots gifted by DUO- it's surprisingly difficult to pair shoes with this amount of glitter (although my silver glitter stripper heels worked perfectly, even if they were too heavy to add to my present-laden luggage). Excuse the photos- the lighting wasn't great and we were too busy having fun to set up a proper booth.

Helen prepared a buffet of cheeses, pickled onions and pineapple on cocktail sticks, along with wee sausages and other nibbles. We paired it with an under ager's drinks heaven- Hooch, Babycham and ready-mixed cocktails. Reef and Watermelon Smirnoff Ices were old favourites too. Dead classy. It all came with tacky umbrellas and themed straws.

As well as pulling  out our old cheer leading moves and discussing old crushes, the night was made by a spectacular play list- we are talking R Kelly, Destiny's Child and Ice Cube. SO good.
New Year Eve, party ideas, sparkly,retro, 2000s, 00's, how to, tinsel dress, christmas, DUO boots, Vintage Style Me, Arbroath
Revisiting the past in a fun youthful way is a great way to kickstart your outlook to the future.
And for Wardrobe Conversations it's gearing up to be even bigger and better than 2014. We have such a lovely loyal reader base and we love to hear from you so we can keep doing what we're doing.

New Year Eve, party ideas, sparkly,retro, 2000s, 00's, how to, Fearne Cotton hair, pretty, girl, model, behind the scenes, scotstreetstyle

Thanks so much for reading, and hope you are excited to see more as we are!


  1. Sounds like an absolute blast! That dress looks so fun, so sparkly and pink! :) 2000s parties are the best, so many terrible and terribly good trends, music and guilty pleasures. Once you pull out the R-Kelly and Destiny's Child you know its going to be a great night.

  2. Hello fellow Scottish bloggers :-) That is such a gorgeous sparkly dress x
    Laura | A Life With Frills