Friday, 27 February 2015

February Round Up

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Doing: February is always a good month in my book, what with my birthday and all. This time around it's been especially wonderful what with have a whole week and half off work and lots of adventures to go on. You can read a bit about my birthday fun times here. Since my birthday roller disco trip I've hunting for local places skate. Unfortunately I have found anywhere so decided to opt for some ice skating instead. My sister, Heather, and I ventured to the Forfar Ice World for the first time in years and discovered that skating on ice is much easier than on wheels. 

Watching: The Sewing Bee is back and I'm getting right into it. I'm not sure how they manage to create anything with such time pressure. There's no way I would have got through uni if our sewing assignments were timed! Seeing what they come up with has got me itching to dust off my machine and I do have a few project ideas in mind. I'm just hoping I can complete them before me and my machine fall out. It can be a real love/hate relationship sometimes.

Buying: I may or may not have bought myself a valentines gift. Ok I totally did, but when Karen Mabon puts on a Vday discount it would be rude not to. I treated myself to the fabulous flamingo necklace that I've been eying up since she released it onto the world. It is just as fabulous in real life and I can't wait to style it up. I'm thinking a bird themed shoot and Kimberley can wear her ostrich number, what do you think?

Clicking: This Is Edinburgh are organising Edinburgh Fashion Week in March so I've been clicking on their website to find out a more about it. Most of the fashion shows are sold out but there's still plenty of tutorials, pop up shops and other events to get excited about. We're particularly looking forward to the Satisfashion mini tutorials and the Godiva shopping evening.

Round Up, best bits, monthly favourites, Scottish Bloggers, Meditation, cult, Fortitude, Bailey & Quinn, Instagram favourites

Doing: I tried out a weird meditation class this month. As I've mentioned before, I've done a few classes before and I have even spent time in an Indian ashram. I've encountered many different styles and I enjoy being guided through meditations so I'm always open to more but this time was odd. I went along to a introduction class with some friends. It consisted of about 20 mins meditation and over an hour of what I can only describe as cult recruitment. What started as a very vague talk about the health benefits of meditation ("buy these books and they'll tell you all the secrets!") quickly descended into a glassy-eyed monologue about a personal journey and the 'saviour' guru who wanted us all to go away on a retreat... I felt very uncomfortable that I'd paid £7 for some poorly hidden brain washing. Think I'll stick to my phone apps.(Cult Leader brooch by Lazy Oaf)

Watching: Fortitude. It's one of those shows that both Tony and I want to watch, but neither of us is willing to wait for the other one to sit down for it. We are watching the episodes in tandem, with yells of 'don't delete it! Gonna watch it later!' It's a strange sort of murder mystery/ drama set in a remote Arctic town. It is a show that requires your attention, with many different storylines being tied together (I think) as the mystery unfolds. Really well worth watching.

Buying: My Bailey & Quinn bag is my favourite one- the leather is softening up nicely as it ages, it goes with everything and it has featured in a lot of outfit posts since I got it last January. And now I've got a second one!

Clicking: I only got a personal instagram account @dressingupwith at the start of this year- I previously just used our Wardrobe Conversations account. It's a bit odd to be starting from scratch but it also pushed me to branch out and look at some new accounts. I'm loving the gangsta granny Baddiewinkle ('stealing your man since 1928'), Australian stylist mega babe FashionHayley, unbelievable surrealist makeup artist Pennold (pictured). My favourite insta account though has to be fashion illustrator (and dad to the most photogenic baby twins) Donalddrawbertson.


  1. I love the necklace! It's gorgeous, it reminds me of a Karen Walker one I have had my eye on. I've also been watching the sewing bee. Its harder to watch it in Australia as it's not on tv, but I'm so glad they've started uploading episodes on a youtube account. I can't fathom sewing anything that fast, especially a fully boned corset with eyelets in FOUR HOURS....It makes me want to crawl up in a ball and cry just thinking about it.

    1. Think it's my new favourite necklace!
      I know, the sewing bee is harsh. I would buckle after day one! Hx