Monday, 2 February 2015

Maison de Moggy: Edinburgh's Cat Cafe

Just two weeks ago cats took over the internet again- in Scotland at least. There was a flurry of social media excitement as it was announced that Edinburgh's first cat cafe was opening- Maison de Moggy.

As someone who does not get the cat obsession (sorry!!), I found the first cat cafes in Japan to be a source of bemusement when I first heard of them. When the first UK cat cafe opening up in London I wondered how quickly this phenomenon would spread, so back when the plans for Maison de Moggy were still a twinkle in owner Laura O'Neill's eye, I caught up with her to hear her mad idea. (And to have a catch up- we're friends).
Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh, cate cafe, Stockbridge, tea, cake
Laura and the cats- source

This has been a secret project of Laura's for some time. A research trip round Tokyo's many cat cafes gave her a full picture of the concept- petless people could spend time socialising over tea and cake with a fluffy companion as well. So it's not a cafe for cats to be brought to (as many people wrongly think), it's a cafe where some beautiful speciality cats live and pet lovers can watch and play with them.
Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh, cate cafe, Stockbridge, tea, cake, lifestyle blog

Although I'm not a cat lover, I am concerned about animal welfare so I wanted to know more about the animals. Some people have asked why rescue cats have not been re-homed here but the Maison de Moggy residents have been carefully selected and reared in the environment, so they were well used to each other and positive human interaction in advance. The space is pretty impressive- with plenty of wall mounted runs, hidey holes for shy kitties and very strict rules from the cat nanny for humans to follow, these cats are kept happy. An aspect many people won't know is that Laura's mum is an animal rescue officer (you may have seen her pop up on TV show Animal 999) so I have no doubts that these felines are getting the best care and attention.
Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh, cate cafe, Stockbridge, cat care, exotic cats
Laura and manager Claire- source

Since I'm not a cat person (and I'm hugely allergic) I don't know how people will take to the new idea- but the cafe has been booked solid since opening and the online rush has crashed their server.
I guess some people like those evil darling little fur balls! Okay, I admit it- they are pretty darn cute! Everyone has been so busy cooing over the little felines that no one has mentioned the most important part- the tea and cake! And there is plenty of choice of locally produced goods on offer. Don't worry though, I will take one for the team (antihistamines provided) and will personally taste test all the sweets on offer. I know, I know, I'm just too kind.

Thanks to Maison de Moggy for the sneaky peek and I am looking forward to having a cuppa there soon  If you would like to book a visit, you can check out the booking page here or email them


  1. Looks like a heavenly place, although I would much rather a dog cafe (I'm more of a dog person myself). It looks so lovely and so cute, Its nice to know that animal welfare is a concern, sometimes I see or hear of places like this and are sceptical of the care they receive. If I ever get to Edinburgh I will be sure to go here :)

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