Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What Kimberley Wore: ASA Kewpie Party

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T shirt | Naromode
Skirt | Topshop
Shoes | Office
Cardigan | H&M
Tote Bag | HelloDODO
Ring | Bloody Mary Metal

Talk about a multi tasking outfit- I wore this on a rare weekday off to run errands, jump on the train to Glasgow, shop, catch up with friends over coffee and head over to the Abandon Ship Apparel Kewpie Launch. It was laundry day so I threw this together and I wanted a pared down look- and comfy shoes!- to keep me warm all day.

I forgot all about these cream shoes. They were a huge hit back in our very first post- the monochrome look. It seems like forever ago so I thought I'd dig them out again. I guess my ankle is healing because I wasn't hobbling, even at the end of the day. It was the same with the skirt- remember when I matched it to my nails last year? So fun, I had to dig it out.

My beloved Naromode duck tshirt has been through the war- I'd wanted it for ages when I first got it last year, so I was devastated when I accidentally put it through a super hot towel wash and tumble dry after my first wear- shrinking it to child size. I've been meaning to replace it ever since but never got round to it. Hola, Wiki How To and its amazing tip to soak it in baby shampoo and tepid water to loosen the thread tension! I also dried it flat and gave it a cheeky tug every so often to get it back to correct shape. The armholes didn't stretch out but I have skinny arms anyway. I don't condone hand stretching items (it can stretch them seriously out of shape) but in this case it was a winner. And if it hadn't worked I would've cut it up to upcycle into something else. That print is too good to waste!

My hair is currently a washed out violet and I am loving it with the crimp. Ghost hair! I think for 2015 we are all veering away from the My Little Pony brights towards a softer version of the pastel. For me it just won't stay in long enough to make it worth while and I love a granny rinse. I've gone back to good old Bleach London for this number and it works.
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It has been fun pulling out old favourites for a comfy daytime look and it was a nice way to re-wear these items (and save my T!). Do you have any old faves you go back to time and again?

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