Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What Kimberley Wore: Paradise Palms

sillhouette, paradise, palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, Scotstreetstyle, Scottish blogger

paradise, palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, Scotstreetstyle, 60s dance, bunting, dancehall, cocktails, retro, vintage

paradise, palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, Scotstreetstyle, bar, cocktail making, shake it up, ninja buns,
paradise, palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, Scotstreetstyle, pin curl, lilac hair, how to, DIY, date, glasses, bar

Top | Oh My Love
Skirt | stolen from my sister
Shoes | Urban Outfitters Philadelphia
Hairclip | Alternate Normality
Ring | Bloody Mary Metal

I've found a girl date haven and it's called Paradise Palms. Chic without the shabby, this new retro- feeling dive bar in Edinburgh is perfect for girls day out.Whether you want to hang out by the Elvis pin ball machine, eat ninja buns beneath the neon Paradise signs or hide away on comfy couches behind velvet curtains, it can be 5 o'clock any time!
Seriously, blogger babe Miss Vicky Viola and I popped in for a quick coffee to warm up during a vintage shopping trip and ended up having lunch, staying for cocktails and coming full circle to tea again (we are wild). The ninja steam buns are amazing- a Taiwanese style bun filled with your choice of meat or tofu (or in my case fancy fish fingers) with a garlic soy and ginger marinade, served with Thai slaw. It's the first time I've finished the side salad on a plate. So good- nutty and moreish. We upgraded to seasoned fries for more spice but actually the meal was quite well balanced and it was more flavour than heat. Yum!
paradise palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, retro, glamour, how to, DIY, diva

paradise, palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, lounging, diva, pastel hair, lilac, Hollywood wave

I've been feeling the 60s vibe recently so thought this cute little high neck top needed another whirl.
It deserves way more attention than it received layered under my amazing The WhitePepper jumper here. I layered the crop over a full faux-leather skirt to show off my curves and nipped in waist. It's heading towards spring and I need to stop schlepping around in oversized baggy bits. 
I'd planned to pair it with my recent beehive and big eyeliner flicks but my lilac pin curls were just to good to waste. It's a rare occasion that they stay in, especially with the recent February weather. Definitely time to invest in a wee granny rain hood!
paradise, palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, Oh My Love London, Topshop, retro hair, soft curl

paradise, palms, speak easy, Edinburgh, pinball, wizard, Elvis, deer, Bristo Square
I think I've found my new home from home in this bar- see you around? I'll be the one hovering by the pinball machine, waiting for Elvis to tell me how beautiful I am. Uh huh. Thank you, thank you very much.

And extra Elvis thanks to my sugar soul mate and photographer for the day, the fabulous Miss Vicky Viola.

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