Monday, 30 March 2015

March Round Up

Doing: The other weekend I went to a marmalade fair. Yes, you read that right a marmalade fair. I am actually really 82, rather than 28. It was held on the HM Frigate Unicorn in Dundee. The city has a history of marmalade manufacture and there were some old photos and jars on display as well as marmalade crafts from Fluph and many other stalls. There was actually surprisingly little marmalade about but I did enjoy trying some chilli popping candy and discovering that Eden Mill brewery in St Andres do a fine line in gins. It was also fun getting to explore the boat where the fair was being held. You can explore all decks of the ship and get a real feel for how dark and unpleasant life at sea could be.

Watching: I love horror films but haven't been watching many recently. Not many new release have caught my fancy so I decided to look into the depths of Netflix. This is where I found Ginger Snaps. I've been meaning to watch it for a while so decided to settle down to it one Friday night. I'm always on the look out for horrors with a female focus that isn't just about screaming and falling over. I liked the tongue in cheek menstrual metaphors and bulky, layered outfits. I mostly enjoyed it but did find myself loosing interest towards the end.

Buying: I tried on this green H&M dress back in February and hadn't been able to get it out of my head since. Green is not usually a colour I go for but I really like it with my hair. Plus I am in need of more items in my wardrobe that aren't covered in pattern and this one fits that criteria. It has a slight texture to it which adds a bit of interest without being overwhelming. The skirt length is also very ladylike and great for flouncing around in. Be prepared to see it in its full glory soon.

Clicking: I always get excited about a new collection from The Whitepepper. There last drop had dinosaurs for goodness sake! Their Summer collection is all about the sea and I am super excited about the wave patterns and EVEN MORE excited about the shark prints that are filling the lookbook. And, while I don't think the sailor collars would suit me, they are super cute! Ahoy captain! Plus their fashion videos are totally adorable and really make me want to plan some more video shoots for Wardrobe Conversations.


Doing: we were invited along to STEAK Edinburgh to try out their new Steak on Stones concept. Since Helen is trying to take a break from eating meat right now, I took my carnivorous other half along. We love a good steak date night. Oh lordy, Helen is missing out! The restaurant is beautiful and the staff are attentive. You get to sizzle 200g of steak (which is surprisingly generous) on a hot lava stone (no stinky fumes or spitting fat) at your table. It's fun and SO delicious. I recommend the creamed leek, pea and bacon side. And if you're still hungry for more, they are serving fresh donuts in four different flavours for dessert. I'm already planning my next visit.

Watching: I recently had a mid-week sleepover with fellow blogger Miss Vicky Viola. She made me a gluten- free pasta (and it was actually good?! I still have to see if it was the brand of pasta or having it cooked by an Italian that did the trick) and we ended up watching the original film version of West Side Story. I've seen it at the theatre a few times and I always think I like it. What's not to love about a street gang Romeo and Juliet story? ...Well, it was awful! We had the best time ripping the whole film, as it is just laughable to modern eyes. The actors looked around thirty and the acting was over the top. If there's one thing we took away from it, it was how menacing finger snapping and pirouettes can be. No one will mess with our girl gang now! *twirls aggressively*

Buying: I cannot believe I'm saying this but I have almost completed an entire month without buying clothing, accessories or make up! And I don't mean I bought stuff on sale, on Ebay, kidded myself I needed that one new nail polish or swapped items with my sisters. I have nothing new. The reason is pretty simple: my husband made me. Being kept busy with events and doing crafty things has kept me away from the shops, and I've been eating and drinking out a lot this month (even more than usual!). Shopaholic ban-1 savings-0. Swings and roundabouts!

Clicking: Obviously said spending ban is pushing me into online shopping overdrive, so I know what's new in all the (virtual) shops. Our favourite sparkler, Luna on the Moon has slowly been unveiling new items over on her instagram. Surreal and sensational, I can't decide what bottle shaped bags I love more- glittery gin, poison or ketchup? Actually I'd love me some milk. And a balloon. And a pineapple. And a watermelon. And an eye. But from the new pieces, the milk please!

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