Friday, 6 March 2015

March Wishlist 15

Wishlist, Currently coveting, spring style, Scottish Bloggers, Mary Katranzou dress, New Look back pack, Baccurelli brooch, Boden heels, Jaded London skirt
1.) Lorda Pillar Print Dress | Mary Katranzou
Art deco font, tropical colours, vibrant print. Just stunning- like pretty much everything designed by Mary Katranzou. Completely and utterly out of my price range but, hell it's a wishlist. And if anyone feels like buying it for me I won't say no.

2.)  Flip Lock Backpack | New Look
I love these structured backpacks from New Look at the moment- finally a stylish way to carry around my gym stuff. (Shut up, I'm totally going to get back to the gym soon.) I have tried these on to make sure they aren't too bulky and school-child looking. Now I just need to decide on the colour- stone, pink or silver?!!

3.) Desnuda brooch | Baccurelli
There's nothing Baccurelli make that I don't love- popping surreal acrylic jewellery. I follow owner Meli on instagram and she is also a total babe. I am in love with her special bonus pieces that she gave out with purchases last week- gutted that I missed out. Hopefully she releases them for sale soon (c'mon Yingyang ring!)

4.)  Alice High Heels | Boden
I've been lusting after these polkadot high heels since they popped up on Boden's instagram giveaway a while ago but I put them out my mind for the height. I've only just realised they have these midi heel versions- perfect for my pair of fractured foot and dodgy ankle. One in every colour please!

5.) Iridescent Quilted Miniskirt | Jaded London
Jaded London is the holy grail of sequin, hologram, festival and crustal print. There's a lot to choose from. I'm also kind of falling for this mermaid sequin bumbag- very nearly bought it for our roller disco last month!

Wishlist, Currently coveting, spring style, Scottish Bloggers, Lazy Oaf Cult Leader, Coco Fennell dress, Brat & Susie sweater, Isolated Herios Cyber Barbie Phonecase, Jennifer Loiselle Let's Dance earrings

1.) Cult Leader Tee | Lazy Oaf
A simple tshirt with slightly sinister undertones, that's my kinda thing. I also really enjoy Lazy Oafs prints and am finding myself drawn (haha) to the Work of Art shirt. Famous paintings in cartoon form is a sure fire way to catch my attention. And, from some of the previews I've spotted online, their S/S15 collection is looking SO good!

2.) Bratty Dress | Coco Fennell
Another super hot new collection! I always get excited when there's a new Coco Fennell on the go. This dress, and a whole bunch of other beauties, are now available to pre-order. You can be guaranteed they'll be a perfect fit and make you feel oh so fabulous.  

3.) Rio Rio Sweater | Brat & Suzie
Ok, we're getting spoilt now! A third new collection that has me coveting pretty much every piece. This sweater in particular, especially when there's some matching shorts to fall for too! I never managed to get on the co-ord team last summer, I think this may be the perfect opportunity.

4.) Cyber Barbie Phone Case | Isolated Heroes
Why is it iPhones get the best coverings! My phone is rather old, the screen is cracked and I would love to jazz it up with something so wonderful and furry!  

5.) Message Earrings | Jennifer Loiselle
My earring wishlist is growing and these are definitely up there. I love the fun colours and the statement length. Plus the get me singing David Bowie and dancing around the room, bonus!