Monday, 2 March 2015

Styled by Kimberley: Mellow Yellow

Jacket | Vero Moda
Jumper | Zara
Jeans | New Look
Shoes | Topshop
Bag | Accessorize
Scarf | Karen Mabon
Necklace | Runaway Fox
Name Ring | Bonnie Bling
I want Spring! I want warm sun and no more cold nose. Finding a fun weekend look that is casual and not black has been a great way of stepping into it (although it turns out my frostbitten toes weren't). I first dug out this Zara jumper from last year that I never really got round to wearing. I don't really own yellow (or so I thought) so I had to hunt around for some accessories. I adore this little Runaway Fox custard queen necklace that I picked up when I first met the duo and I layered it up with my Karen Mabon scarf. It's the stock market design- a perfect choice for lazing about on days off! And of course my 'Kimberley' Bonny Bling ring. It just doesn't feel right wearing it without Helen there to match.
My ghost hair has taken on a truly luminescent glow. This has been a happy (temporary) accident of my blonde coming through against the vibrant violet. I did a quick little set with heated rollers and then pinned the curls forward for a sculpted look. I absolutely love it but it often only stays in as far as my front door. Which is why this scarf is such a favourite, but I'm getting seriously tempted by retro plastic rain hoods- the kind my gran used to carry folded up in her handbag (white polkadot Superdrug ones) that even aged seven I'd inwardly cringe when it was put on my head. While it didn't go very well with Minnie Mouse leggings, I think you can get away with it over pincurls. Maybe even a wee shopping trolley.
What do you think on the granny ensemble? As soon as the photos were taken I was dreaming of a tartan blanket and pair of slippers. Brrrr!

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  1. I love your hair like that! Gorgeous look, but I feel you on the cold weather. It's March dangit!