Friday, 17 April 2015

Blogger Crushes 09

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Being part of a blogging duo makes me particularly excited when I find other ladies doing the same. Pip and Simone are two super creative best friends from London town. Pip is a jewelery designer extraordinaire and Simone is a stylist and founder of Atypical Girl. Their blog is full of colour, prints and great hair. I love their fun photoshoots, bright outfits and dreamy wishlists. As well as having wardrobes that I want to raid this lovely pair also started Golden Girls - a group for entrepreneurial women to bounce ideas around and share tips. All good in my book.

Find both of these lovely ladies on Instagram - Pip & Simone

Kimberley's crushin on......................... February Girl
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I like an honest blogger with some personality- and Joelle has this in spades. With posts like 10 Things I don't give a S*** About and Profile Picture Confessions, her blog has many features that parody the world of blogging. While some may find this offensive, I personally find it really amusing. More of a writer than a photographer, her posts are maybe not as aesthetically slick as some blogs I enjoy but that's part of what makes it more natural and friendly. You should read it for the Funny Spam Comments if nothing else. This girl is hilarious!

You can find Joelle on Twitter and Instagram. Get on it.

We're also lovin:
  • We want EVERYTHING on Sarah's in Love With's dino themed trend file.
  • Lou's lilac bomber is a dream!
  • Oh Deer, one of our favourite purveyors of quirky gifts, just launched their new blog. Hello there Creative Safari, you beautiful thing.
  • Edinburgh Casting Studio's blog has a raft of behind the scenes videos. The pair have become a YouTube sensation and we are so proud of our friends! 
  • Gluten- free food blogger Becky has given her top 11 destinations for gluten-free food in Edinburgh and they are spot on.
  • Emily recently attempted to sit in a coffee shop for as long as possible without buying a second cuppa and the results are hilarious...


  1. Aww thanks so much for the link my lovelies! It is rather dreamy :) The 2 main blogs you featured sound really good. You don't get many funny ones so I need to check out February Girl! xx