Friday, 10 April 2015

Spring / Summer 2015

Now that we've shown you what we wore to the new DCA exhibition, here's a little peek inside. Spring / Summer 2015 brings together 3 female artists - Maripol, Clare Stephenson and Zoe Williams. Each artist uses different mediums but all have an element of fashion in their work, which is exactly what attracted our attention. Fashion and style can often be overlooked and trivialised as an artform. In our book it's one of the most accessible and everyday forms of creative expression and should be celebrated as such. This exhibition does just that.

Polaroid artist, stylist and fashion designer Maripol's work revolves around style and celebrities. Being so used to seeing candid square images of friends and famous folk on Instagram, it was interesting to see how it was done before the advent of social media. The walls were covered with blown up photo's of Andy Warhol, Madonna, Grace Jones and other faces from the 80's that we vaguely recognised. But it wasn't just the walls, the same motifs also featured on shoes and dresses. It was great fun to see some of the fashions of the time, from jelly bangles to layered beads and lace to boxy blazers. This section of the exhibition really got us thinking about the cyclical nature of fashion. While some of the photos were firmly placed in the 80's due to the styles worn, many of the elements have probably appeared in our wardrobes at some point in our lives. In amongst it all one of the images jumped out at us - the portrait of Debbie Harry. So timelessly stylish, this sailor dress looks like it could have been plucked from The Whitepepper's latest collection.

Clare Stephenson's work included wooden sculptures alongside drawings and printed textiles. Each piece used the iconic martini glass shape. It's amazing how such a simple set of shapes is so instantly recognisable. We loved the mirroring of the oversized cocktails sitting next to their 2D printed image and also printed onto textiles. We both agreed that we wanted to adorn ourselves with the print, it's just so perfect for summer. Martini bikinis for all!

Textiles were also heavily featured in the work of Zoe Williams. Her two video pieces used sumptuous fabrics to create a sense of luxury, excess and sensuality. While these works were fascinating to watch we became much more engrossed in Movements in Love. This lenticular print changed colours and moved in front of our eyes, pretty much hypnotising us for at least 5 minutes. We also enjoyed discovering Muzzle, a piece of engraved mirror hidden away in the corner of the gallery.

Helen's Favourite:

Maripol's paper clip jewellery
Kimberley's Favourite:

Clare Stephenson's print 

Spring / Summer 2015 is an exhibition perfect for the season. It shows that fashion as art and vice versa and it's great to see work by such strong female artists sitting so well side by side. The DCA have a number of events to coincide and compliment the exhibition. We're particularly looking forward to the Salon - and evening of presentations inspired by the exhibition and the Street Style: Art and Jewellery activity (even if it is for children).


  1. Been to the DCA so many times but this exhibition looks great! Will have to try and get there before it ends :D Gisforgingers xx

  2. Think it's on for a wee while. It's definitely worth checking out if you can. Hx