Saturday, 9 May 2015

April Round Up

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Watching: I went to the cinema for the first time this year to see It Follows. I do enjoy a good horror movie and this one had some creepy moments. Who knew that someone walking slowly could be quite so scary. The John Carpenter-esque score added to the chilling atmosphere and helped set it apart from other recent efforts in the horror category. While the plot did have me picking holes in it as soon as I left the building I enjoyed myself while I was there. Well, apart from the people sitting next to me who decided to chat most of the way through. Watching a film in the cinema is not the same as watching it in your front room! NO TALKING!

Doing: I had a rather lovely week off during April and decided to spend a bit of it in Edinburgh. Me and my other half had a fun day in the capital which started off the way all fun days should, with a slap up breakfast. We chose Spoon for our eating destination and it did a great job of fueling us up for a busy day. We then headed along to the Game Masters exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. We had a good time wandering around the neon lit interior and getting competitive over Pac-Man and Space Invaders. The day was finished off perfectly with a trip to Maison de Moggy where we tickled kitties and ate some mighty fine cake.

Buying: I went along to Carnaby Market in St Andrews and treated myself to a rather fine cowgirl jacket from Neuk Vintage. I always seem to find myself attracted to the most ridiculous stuff at vintage fairs but I think that's what they're best for. I picked this item up thinking it was a cool piece of children's clothing but on closer inspection I discovered it was a fringed crop jacket that fitted me perfectly. At only £5 I couldn't resist, plus I got a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle badge thrown in too.

Clicking: Bloody Mary Metal launched their new collection and their new website, all in one go. I loved seeing their sneak peeks on Instagram but getting to see the full Wild Horses collection was even better. So many things to add to the wishlist, most notably the Honovi Earrings and Wild Necklace.The lookbook is all kinds of dreamy and the website is looking super swish.

round up, best bits, favourites, month highlights, April, The Goldbergs, The Sick Rose, Very, leather jacket, Obscure Couture

Watching: I sort of stumbled upon E4 comedy show The Goldbergs late one night, after a bit too much champagne, and I was in stitches. It wasn't just the fizz though- I'm totally hooked on this nostalgia fueled comedy based on writer Adam Goldberg's childhood in the 1980's. The technology, the toys, the jumpers- oh, the jumpers!- make it worth viewing anyway but it's also very witty. The end of each episode showcases original footage from Adam's childhood that inspired the episode, which makes it really relateable and comfortable. I heart the Goldbergs!

Doing: I've had a lot of visits from friends and family to keep me busy this month but my favourite event was The Sick Rose at Surgeon's Hall, an overview of the book of the same name which details medical illustrations and the history of surgery. It was a fascinating, wide-ranging talk, although it ended with us questioning if we were just there for medical porn (answer: of course) and if that should make us feel guilty (answer: meh, I guess. Now show me more). It was weird and wonderful and a fascinating insight into how people viewed surgery- and our bodies- in the past.

Buying: This Fearne Cotton Garden biker jacket. I actually got a total bargain on it in the Very sale but it's sold out now. I've been looking for a decent leather jacket for ages and ages- one that I can keep forever and really wear in. This is super soft and supple, and the subtle floral pattern keeps it girly. I've been throwing it on over tea dresses or just a tee and jeans- it goes with everything!

Clicking: I'm sure I wasn't the only one who got a bit excited when the hotly anticipated Saudade collection dropped on Obscure Couture. For me it harks back to the 2013 A Weekend in Hell in its silhouettes but reflects a softer, pretty romantic side of Obscure Couture. The pieces are sensational to look at and always OC bring something new to 'Make your Other Clothes Jealous'. The look books are the stuff of dreams- it's the kind of styling Helen and I would love to get our mitts into.

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  1. Kimberly I have MAJOR jacket envy right now! Can't believe that beauty was in the sale. Very good find lady! xx