Friday, 22 May 2015

Blog Crushes 10

Helen's crushin on.......... Sara's in Love With
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Beautiful images, bright colours and amazing designers - Sara knows how to put together a killer outfit post. I love her bold style and how she plays with themes, both in her dress and her wishlists. And her accessory selection is to die for! Eyelash sunglasses, safety pin bags, light up shoes, she has it all. Reading her blog has introduced me to a loads of new brands, designers and artist that I'm now wildly coveting. Plus she has some seriously awesome hair.

Catch her on facebook and instagram for even more colour and quirky style.

Kimberley's crushin on........... Fashion Polaroids
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I bumped into Edinburgh local girl Joanne from Fashion Polaroids at the recent Mademoiselle Macaron anniversary party (of course I was there. I live there.) I haven't really seen her around before, although she's been blogging for longer than we have, so I thought I'd check her out. I really like Joanne's look and I think as a style blogger she's got a lot to offer. She has the chic Parisian thing nailed, her outfits are on trend and high street and she's a real doll. It's a winner for me!

She's on twitter and instagram if you want to find out more,

We're also lovin:
  • The fabulous Mo'adore has featured us in her list of favourite Dundee based-bloggers along side some other fabulous finds.
  • Jane Gowans new Flora & Fauna collection is simply stunning.
  • Tatyana's stripe game is always on point but with these Boden shoes... next level on Secret Little Stars
  • Glasgow Fashion Girl is sharing her 'full wardrobe but nothing to wear' moments. We know that feeling!
  • Babe Laura from Satisfashion is looking even more stunning than usual in this Tommy Hilfiger series
  • We've been drawn into reading The Swag Guide by the gorgeous Keenan's menswear post. This new blog magazine may be one to watch!

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