Wednesday, 20 May 2015

May Wishlist

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My favourite wishlist of the year- the one before my birthday. Take note, family and friends (and strangers- I welcome your gifts too).

1.) 40s Polkadot Jungle Dress | Vintage Style Me
Since this was released a couple of weeks ago it has been in my online basket so many times I can't tell you. I love the simplicity of the Vintage Style Me brand and if you like the loose fit (as Helen does) it's an easy way to shop. One in every colour please! Apart from my amazing Glitter dress, I tend to shy away from this. I have too much in the boob area, creating a shelf in smocks. BUT this beauty looks like it's been made for me. More fitted on top, with a tie and defined waist, it should be clear that I have curves and not bulk. The choice of prints just finishes it off. Hooray!

2.) Berry Pencil Case | Anya Sushko via Wear Eponymous
Glasgow based online retailer Wear Eponymous is going from strength to strength, pushing the idea of luxe basics to the limits with incredible designers on board every time I check out their website. I am loving the Anya Sushko pieces but this super soft pencil case is almost too good for my pile of Staedlers. So Chic!

3.) Banana Split Necklace | Misfit Makes
I was originally going to put in the Fortune Teller Necklace, as it's one of my absolute favourites from Misfit Makes. Then she went and released the new I Scream collection. Every. Single. Piece. is amaazing! I want the ice lolly earrings.. and the melting brooch.. and the ice cream spoon. Gimme it all!

4.) Kyra Jelly Shoes | Lazy Oaf x Juju
My love affair with jelly shoes just got rebooted thanks to the recent Lazy Oaf collaboration. It's a minty marriage from heaven and I need me some of that juju!

5.) Flipper Anorak | The Ragged Priest
The Ragged Priest and I are having a moment. They have so many iridescent pieces that make my heart flutter.. and this is pretty practical too, right? So I need it, right?

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1.) Cat Lapel Pin | I Like Cats
Cats are my thing, so of course I'm going to be into a brand called I Like Cats. I've always enjoyed designer Toby Dean's illustrations but when I spotted this lapel pin it was love at first site. A wearable drawing featuring a winking cat, what's not to love?! Plus the colours are so pretty. The new I Like Cats x designosaur collaboration is also well worth checking out, the coin purse is my favourite.

2.)  Yellow Play Purse | Play Purse
I remember having many of these beaded purses when I was a kid. They always made me feel very grown up, even if they were just filled with fluff and buttons rather than real money. Well, someone's only gone and designed a clutch sized version for grown ups! This perfect nostalgic accessory comes in a variety of delicious colours. I just need to decide which to go for.

3.)  Pineapple Cushion | Puptart London
I just redecorated my bedroom and these pineapple cushions would fit in so well. The watermelon ones would also look rather lovely. And a cat tipi. Ok, it would all look great.  Puptart's bright colours, painted finish and marbling effect just make for some rather perfect products.

4.) Fingers Crossed | Bolden
Speaking of home decor, my bedroom currently has two hand sculptors in it but could always use another one. Jen Collins has gotten back in the ceramic game with her 3d illustrations and I love this fingers crossed piece. Great for a little bit of extra luck.

5.) Shark Vest | Brat & Suzie
As well as cats, I also love sharks so this vest is right up my street. Perfect for summer days on the beach. Just don't go into the water. Yes, I am now humming the Jaws tune, I hope you are too.

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