Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Blog Crushes 11

Helen's crushin' on ..... archer avenue.
blog crush, favourite blog, archer avenue While not the most frequent of bloggers, Emma (aka archer avenue) has a wardrobe full of items I covet so each post leaves me with something new to add to my wishlist. She has introduced me to a number of brands and has me forever wishing I'd seen her wearing Somewhere Nowhere ghost dress when it was still available. Her outfits are always fun and I love the way her nails are inspired by her clothes. Plus her mid ombre hair has got me thinking of fun ways to do something different with my do.

Catch her on instagram for more frequent peeks into her fabulous wardrobe.

Kimberley's crushin' on..... Miss Bizio Couture
Miss Bizio Couture, blogger crush, favourite blogger, micro blogger, Scottish Blogger, vintage blogger, vintage style

More of a microblogger than a 'blogger', Joanna Bizio is the owner of Bizio Couture in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and posts on social media for her business. Curating and selling her vast and beautiful vintage collection, she is quickly gaining a reputation around town for her exquisite selections. More impressive than her clothing pieces however, is her flair for fashion and humorous style. She can definitely join my style gang!

Her Flicker account is amazing for vintage homages, while I love the inventive daily posts on her Instagram and Twitter account. I'm a bit of a social media stalker for the moment but I'm hoping to pop into the shop sometime soon, You should too!

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  1. Emma's blog is just lovely!

    Morag x