Monday, 1 June 2015

May Round Up

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Watching: The beginning of May saw Dundead return for it's fifth festival. This horror film bonanza is held at the DCA once a year with other special one off screenings dotted around the rest of the year. I didn't make it to all the films on show but I did manage a fair few. I bought a 6 film pass (which also got me an awesome festival tee) and used it to see a mix of old and new. Faults and The Canal where new to me and both pretty good. I also enjoyed revisiting Escape from New York and The Thing. Watching Bela Lugosi in Dracula was fun, but my favourite was seeing Vincent Price in 3D in House of Wax. I'd only ever seen the Paris Hilton remake but it is nothing on Mr Price's masterful horror voice and some shoehorned 3D sequences (can-can dancers and ping pong man, I'm looking at you).

Doing: Decorating! We refreshed the living room and gave the bedroom a bit of a transformation. It's now my favourite room in the flat, even though I still love lounging on my sofa. I hated the chaos while it was going on, and I am so sick holding a paint brush, but it was worth it. Only 3 more rooms to go! To escape the disaster zone of my flat I went on a rather fun sister date with Heather Mac. There was delicious pizza at True Pizza and a cinema trip to see Pitch Perfect 2, which was perfectly terrible.

Buying: My Claire Corstorphine scarf is definitely my favourite buy of the month. I always get excited adding a new scarf to my collection and this one has been no different. I've been wearing it around my neck, on my head, tie to my handbang, just as much as possible really.

Clicking: The new Hayley Scanlan collection hit her online store this month. True Blue is a mix of classic Scanlan shapes with new fabrics and details. The denim works so well with the loop lace and I especially love the True Blue bomber. Not usually a style I go for but this just works.
I've also been clicking on Creative Dundee. I popped along to their Pecha Kucha night where they introduced their new project - Small Society Lab. This creative mash of cultures will culminate in a link up event with Mexico City in June but for now they're looking for folk to get involved in the run up. Check out how on the site.

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Watching: I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road and, although I only went to ogle Tom Hardy, I'm ashamed to say I really enjoyed it. Yeah, there were moments where I started to zone out at the chase-chase-shoot-shoot but the effects were pretty impressive and Charlize Theron was incredible. It's a good date night movie. I also recently watched We Need To Talk About Kevin and it gave me the creeps. So that was good too.

Doing: our closest family friends came to visit so Tony and I spent some quality second-family time with the whole clan. My favourite part of our staycation was a trip to Edinburgh Escape Hour. I've been wanting to try out an escape room experience for ages, as I'm Cluedo- crazy and love puzzles. The room is a sort of Crystal maze style team building game where you're given an hour to solve a series of clues in order to escape. The production was really good, and the puzzles were hard enough to have us stumped a couple of times but the team nudge you in the right direction if you're getting stalled, which keeps the game flowing. Go go go!

Buying: After our Girl Gang sleep over, with matching manis, I finally got round to buying a UV lamp and home gel manicure kit. The results has meant chip free nails that feel stronger (when the gel is on) and therefore I've been able to grow my nails evenly without any breakage. However, I've been a bit bad and have picked them off. I just can't help myself once they start peeling! My nails underneath are wrecked but at least with my at- home kit I can redo them whenever.

Clicking: Helen and I are preparing to go down to London for my birthday (and Blogtacular) so we've been checking out things to do. So far we've scheduled in a trip to the Alexander McQueen exhibition and an obligatory shopping trip to Carnaby Street and Brick Lane. I have been to London many times but have always relied on other people to get me around. I'm hoping Helen leads me everywhere. She will, she always does. Any tips of things to see and do?

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