Friday, 26 June 2015

What Kimberley Wore: Savage Beauty at the V&A

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London wasn't just about Blogtacular. It was about me. It was about my turning *cough*twentynine*cough* which I found hard to come to terms with. So we had to cheer me up with something fabulous- the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V&A.

I was expecting it to be good. Like, really really good. I followed his career since school and have longed to see those infamous SS 2010 reptile prints in the flesh. McQueen's creative flair and grasp of sensuality is underpinned by impeccable tailoring, even from the very beginning of his career, so every piece is just perfection. So I went in and it started off great, and I thought I was in fashion heaven. We wove round rooms, leading us through his development, his understanding of garment construction, his playing with silhouettes and pushing the boundaries. The final room (I thought) with the wall-to-wall explosion of moving outfits and accessories was astonishing... and then there was more... and then there was MORE.


Each room could have been the dazzling finale. Signature headdresses. Primative beating rhythms. Glorious fabrics. We were enthralled, and really quite dizzy by the time the futuristic reptilian alien mannequins in hooved shoes and snakeskins was finally, finally revealed. What a show!
As well as demonstrating the true artist that Alexander McQueen was, and the tailoring skills he possessed, the exhibition gives the audience a little snippet of what it was to see his catwalk shows. He was all about the drama and the staging was theatrical. Kate Moss floating as an ethereal spirit? It gives you goose pimples, it's hard to bear in mind that you are seeing something so contemporary rather than of historical importance. Perhaps that will be the mark of him.

Okay, I'm getting quite emotional just writing about it.. so here's an anticlimax. My outfit. Definitely not McQueen-worthy but I chose something easy to wear on the most humid day of the year! At the time, I absolutely loved the shape of this dress. So much so that I bought it in 3 colours/patterns. Now that I'm seeing it in the photographs I'm wondering how much caffeine I'd had that day.

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Dress | H&M
Shoes | Primark
Flower Crown | Claire's Accessories
Necklace | handmade by Helen
Earrings | Naomi Murrell via Hannah Zakari
Tote Bag | c/o Abandon Ship Apparel

For those summer vibes, I wore this surprisingly cheap flower crown from Claire's. I've been looking for one for my massive head for ages and just happened upon this one while shopping for my 10 year old cousin. Not somewhere I'd normally shop, this was a lucky find rather than a sign that Claire's should be my go-to accessories stop. But this one is nicely packed with different flowers that look quite realistic against my pink hair. Win!
The necklace is one that Helen made for me some time ago in a jewellery making class she took. It was kind of a guilt gift, to apologise for taking her boyfriend to London that year instead of me but I absolutely love it. I thought it apt to wear this on our eventual London holiday. It's the London skyline! Cute, huh?
And a huge shout out to my babe Vicky Viola for buying me these amazing Naomi Murrell droplet earrings for my birthday from Edinburgh stockist, Hannah Zakari. So much love for them!
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V&A, Savage Beauty, Alexander McQueen, #scotstreetstyle, what to wear, style
Anyway, we had a great time at both the exhibition and wandering around the V&A. I wish I could go see it again, it was so magnificent. Have any of you seen it yet? What did you think??

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  1. Loving this floral crown! I can't believe it is from Claire's :) Glad you had a great time Gisforgingers xx