Monday, 13 July 2015

July Wishlist

Here's all the things we are coveting this month- and we're pretty sure you will too!

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1.) Shine Dress | Royal Caballito
At first I was attracted to the rain print dress but then I saw this beaut- like a 2for1! The print is very now and the colours are perfect for summer. I like that the yello is on the bottom half, as I feel to Simpson-ey with a lot yellow near my face. Stupid sallow Nordic skin!

2.) Pink Grapefruit Slice Earrings | Swank jewellery via Hannah Zakari
I love Swank jewellery and I spied these easrrings (not for the first time) when I was in Hannah Zakari recently. I quite like the yellow lemon slices too but now that my hair is a matching vibrant pink the grapefruits are ten times more desirable. Ah, need!
3.) Good Vibes Only Neon Sign | Marcus Conrad Poston
What's not to like about this neon sign? I like how happy it is, rather than stating some rock'n'roll cliche. There are a whole host of others to choose from to, we're spoilt for choice!

4.) Lemon Earrings | Benu Shop
... Speaking of lemons, how amazing are these? Benu Shop is forever on my wishlist but every time I look on the site to buy something, another item catches my eye. I don't know where to start! Help!

5.) This is Bananas A4 print | Bo Helina
There's a bit of  a theme going on. This month I'm planning a banana-rific celebration so my mind is on this fruit! I have been favouriting bananas all over the place on Etsy but this is one of the best.

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1.) Bleeding Eyeball Pencil Skirt | Never Monday
When  I spotted the lovely Honey Pop rocking this skirt on Instagram I couldn't wait to see more from this brand. They have so many fun pieces, including this awesome Pop Dress. I do love a design with eyes on though, so this skirt will remain my firm favourite of the bunch.

2.) Grayson Perry Silk Scarf | Tate Shop
We popped into the British Museum when we were down in London and I fell a little bit in love with the Grayson Perry's scarf in the gift shop. Turns out there's one for the Tate Modern too, and it's a tad cheaper.
3.) Handsy Socks | Hayley Elsaesser
Socks are generally not a thing I wish for but Hayley Elsaesser's designs are so fun. This hand print also comes as a sparkly dress but for now I'll aim small and a bit more obtainable. After all, you can never have too many socks.

4.) Eye in Eye Studs | Nylon
Told you I liked stuff with eyes on. These fabulous acrylic earrings mean my ears can have eyes too! A bit of a weird concept, but I like my wardrobe weird.

5.) I Can't See You Cropped Tee | Dirty Disco
Ok I may be taking the eye thing a little to far now but I love this cropped tee. Just check out the awesome eyelash fringing. With the tshirt, skirt and earrings I've almost got a whole eye outfit going on.


  1. I love both of your lists! Especially those lemon earrings, the neon sign and that bleeding eye skirt are so cool :D

  2. Yes you are right Emilia...lemon earring is unique idea for me also.Those who come to read your blog will find lots of helpful and informative tips.

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