Monday, 31 August 2015

August Round Up

August round up, blogger best bits, scottish bloggers, House of DVF, Edinburgh Festival, Craft Scotland, Dreamland clothing, Chouchou
Watching- since missing out on the Iris Apfel screenings (damn it!) I've been delving into fashion documentaries.  I came across the amazing boxset House of DVF on E! and I binge watched the whole series. It's a typical '10 girls compete to work for DVF' style show... except. DVF is clearly busy running her business alongside, so there's no dramatic end of show cull. Instead, she decides over lunch/ in her car/ during a meeting that a girl isn't going to work and fires them nearly on the spot. It can happen at any time in the programme, so it appears much closer to real life and the poor contestants jump any time they're called to her office, each looking for the telltale farewell gift bag she keeps under the desk. Brilliant TV.
Channel 4 also recently showed Louboutin: the World's Most Luxurious Shoes. He's just so warm and charming- who wouldn't want to wear his red soles? He's also astute and knowledgeable when it comes to his business, showing how important it is to understand your craft.

Doing- Edinburgh Festival of course! Apart from just soaking up the atmosphere in the beer gardens, I also made it along to a few shows. Hightlights for me included Craft Scotland's #EdSummerShow at White Stuff, which featured over 30 local makers. I also went to late night comedy showcase Spank which has a fun party atmosphere and stage rush/dance at the end and also charity night Comedy Gala: in Aid of Waverly Care, which was packed with channel 4 regulars like Adam Hill, Marcus Brigstocke, Phil Jupitis and Al Porter.

Buying- the Saved but the Bell dress. I've been thinking about *that* Dreamland print for months. But Helen got in before my wishlist was even published and bought the purple tshirt dress. I finally got round to picking up the sleeveless pink duplex dress which is just as cute- hopefully I can squeeze in a few wears before it gets too cold.

Clicking- this month's obsession has clearly been Chouchou kittie hoods. I always considered these a bit too cool for a preppy granny dresser like myself but after a cheeky try on of one at Scarf School they've been on my winter must-have list.
I've also been checking out the Crowdfunding page for Scottish jeweller Joanne Garner and falling hard for the Strathberry luxury handbag collection and Sophia Webster Barbie shoes.

August round up, blogger best bits, Scottish bloggers, The Wolfpack, DJCAD Masters show 2015, Nicola Wiltshire, Mr Ben Glasgow vintage, Dismaland
Watching: I went to the cinema for the first time in ages to see The Wolfpack. After looking at the poster and thinking it was some gangster flick, I'd dismissed it. But my sister advised it was actually an award winning documentary about a dysfunctional family - that sounded much more interesting. It follows a group of brothers whose father has kept them separated from the world in their New York apartment. To pass the time they watch movies (a lot of movies) and reenact them with their own homemade costumes and props. It's an interesting look at this out of the ordinary family that left me with more questions than answers.

Doing: It's been a hectic month but I took some time out to wander around the DJCAD Masters Show. As always the place was filled with amazing art but I think my favourite was Nicola Wiltshire. Her paintings were full of colour and I loved how both the big and small pieces had equal impact. I also enjoyed Allan Davies' detailed paintings and Samantha Wilson's ghostly works.

Buying: During a trip to Glasgow I found myself with way too much time to wander around shops. This resulted in a number of unplanned purchased, including my Factory 45 goodies. I also picked myself up a top for H&M's amazing new range of cat prints and this awesome vintage dress from Mr Ben's. The dress is a little big and could do with a few alterations but it's already become a new workwear staple.

Clicking: Ever since Dismaland opened it's doors I've been scouring the internet for images from the bemusement park. I do enjoy Banksy's work and I love the looked of abandoned theme parks so this is the perfect combination. While I don't think I'll be making the trek down I've still enjoyed seeing the images, comments and articles about the place. Plus it's made me want to revisit Story Book Glen. A childhood favourite of mine which, from the photos and trip advisor reviews, may be in the running to be Scotland's Dismaland equivalent. 

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