Saturday, 29 August 2015

August Wishlist

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1.)  Fried Egg Umbrella | Monki
Fried eggs everywhere. I cannot get enough of the pattern. My favourite thing about them as a print is people don't look too closely at first and go "nice daisie... oh, they're fried eggs". Yes, my friend. They are.

2.) Saddest Ghost Tshirt | The Sad Ghost Club
I may not be feeling sad or lost right now but I love the charming illustrations this duo produce. We've been getting behind their crowdfunding project for a new studio and you should too! Ghost-themed goodies in return.

3.) Diamond Terranium Necklace | Finest Imaginery
As well as being a firm interiors fave, I love that this has crossed over into fashion and this piece is so well thought out. The whole cacti and succulent collection is. I've followed Kim Lawler aka Finest Imaginery on social media for so long now that I think of her more in her web designer/ knower of internet things guise and I forget to keep up with the Finest Imaginery side. Which is stupid because it is so damn cute!

4.) Wednesday brooch | Baccurelli
My instagram favourite Baccurelli is building a whole army of doll heads- her Valley of the Dolls. I'm still trying to decide which one most looks like me since my hair is ever changing- this one or this one? This unmistakably Addams family version is a dream!

5.) Lemon Hypnosis Sweater | Butter Babes
I love a mad jumper and this one is insane. Hypnotising lemons? Doesn't make any sense to me but it is amazing on the eye. I also keep popping their fried egg tshirt dress in my basket. Along with all the other egg goodies.

wishlist, wish list, august favourites, blogger picks, shop small, independent designers, World Famous Original, worriers pin, Winston, Winston Clothing, leather dress, patterned sweater, Nikki McWilliams, RDK, custard cream purse, Beth Lamont, ceramic necklace, Olive & Frank, stay weird top
1.) Worriers Pin | World Famous Original
I am a worrier. Always have been and (I'm guessing) always will be. Little things, big things, medium things - I've worried about them all. This little pin badge would make it official and maybe encourage others to help calm my nerves.

2.) Gene Leather Dress and Cora Flower Sweater | Winston
The sun may be shining today but I'm already trying to prepare for the colder months ahead. This leather dress looked so perfect when combined with the jumper I had to add both to my wishlist. The cosy fabrics are great for keeping warm and the pops of colour and pattern would add some much needed fun to greyer days.

3.) Custard Cream Envelope Purse | Nikki McWilliams x RDK
This little collaboration between biscuit queen Nikki McWilliams and textile designer Rosie Drake-Knight has been flying off the online shelves. And it only went on sale yesterday! It's the perfect little purse for all your bits and bobs and the gold finishing adds that extra feel of luxury. If you want one you better be quick as there's only a limited amount.

4.) Ceramic Knot Necklace | Beth Lamont
I've had the chance to meet the lovely Beth during my recent jewellery class and while she was working for the lovely Jane Gowans. But she also makes fabulous jewellery of her own. I am so in love with her ceramic arc necklaces. They come in both grey and white and there's a huge variety of rope colours to choose from. As well as the yellow I'm also pining after this fluorescent one. Plus the length can be adjusted, great for wearing high with shirts or low to jazz up a simple tee.

5.) Stay Weird Tee | Olive & Frank
You can never go wrong with a white slogan tshirt. This cheeky one from Olive & Frank encourages you to stay weird, something I'm all for.

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