Friday, 14 August 2015

July Round Up

We've taken a bit of time off to recover from our friends fabulous wedding, but now we're back. July may seem like a distant memory but we got up to way too much fun stuff not to round it up. So here's a little look at what we got up to last month. Oh, and if you want to see us in our bridesmaid finery do check out Burfly Photography's blog post. They shot some amazing photographs of the day!. 

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Watching: Black Work was a drama mini series centering around the death of an undercover policeman. His wife, played by Sheridan Smith, attempts to uncover his murder. This was something Tony and I recorded to watch together. I really liked watching the mystery unfold and it seemed to point to a number of twists and turns... until, that is, in the final half hour where they tried to explain everything at the last minute. It was such an anticlimax to the whole thing. Sheridan Smith was fantastic in it though and it kept you guessing until the end.

Doing: I think by now you know exactly what I've been up to this month and it has all centred around my best friend Susan's wedding. My main responsibility was of course the Hen Party. We headed up to Dundee for a full day of activities. We went quad biking at Auchterhouse Country Sports, where we also lounged and drank champagne in the clubhouse before a quick change to head into town for a relaxed dinner at True Kitchen and cocktails next door at Jam Jar. I can see why Helen drinks there all the time. It's super cute and the cocktails are delicious. We had also arranged a surprise after-party at bridesmaid Heather's flat. It was entirely themed around yellow and bananas (Susan's favourites), nostalgic photos and  00's tunes rounded off the evening perfectly. Obviously we tried to recreate old cheerleading moves, with several pyramids in the mix. What a great send-off!

Buying: If my last blog posts are anything to go by, I can't seem to stop buying jackets. I don't know what it wrong with me. Okay, I do. It's because my other summer jackets desperately need to be dry cleaned and I'm too lazy/ disgusting to actually take them round.
My favourite thing I've received this month is this Panda scarf by Cleo Ferin Mercury. I have longed for one of her animal scarves for ages (that white cat though?) so when she did an instagram giveaway I was straight in there. I received the scarf really quickly, beautifully packaged as I'd expect and it even came with instructions on how to do the perfect animal bow. I have yet to master it but I'm sure the second I do it'll pop up in a post!

Clicking: All of these things:
Looking back at the lookbook video for Wear Eponymous we modelled/ danced/ goofed around in one whole year ago! We've grown so much since then!
The super cute Chouchou online sale. Cat + scarf = PURRFECT! And they're practical, say whaaat?!
Discovering the amazing new IOLLA Eyewear in Glasgow. Hopefully they have specs to fit my massive face. Watch this space.
And can we talk about this Coconana soap from Fife makers Willow and Plum Soap Co? Smells like banana toffos, it's not just for kids!

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Watching: What I wanted to be watching this month was Amy. I've never been a huge Amy Winehouse fan but this documentary looked really interesting. Unfortunately my month was filled with other things and I didn't manage to make it along to the cinema in time. What I actually watched during the month of July was Once Upon A Time. It's my new Netflix binge watch. It is both amazing and terrible at the same time. Each episode is filled with melodrama, peril and tonnes of storybook/Disney favourites but it's fun and I've been loving seeing how they weave all the different characters together. Plus it has Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin and he is rather fantastic.

Doing: July was a full on month. As well as an awesome hen party and lots of wedding stationary prep, I also attended a week long jewellery class! It was part of the summer school put on by Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design and was all about wax casting. I really enjoyed myself and was pretty happy with what I managed to create. I even got quoted on their website. Kimberley kindly modeled a couple of my creations in her latest outfit post. I'm hoping to use what I learned to create more fun and creepy jewellery so watch this space.

Buying: What with Susan's wedding, I was in need of some fabulous flats. These little pom pom pretties are from ASOS and were perfect for dancing the night away. For the ceremony itself I found myself the highest heels I could so I wouldn't be the shortest bridesmaid. It was fun being tall but it was also very good to slip these on and give my little feet a rest. 

Clicking: I haven't really been clicking a lot online recently but I have been spending quite a bit of time on my laptop. The main reason for this was that I was busy designing Susan's wedding day stationery. I'm talking order of ceremony, table settings, place holders, the lot. I took on board so much inspiration from Pinterest and the likes, as well as the bride to be. Here's a little peek at the table number and menu design I came up with. Nice, simple and fresh.
I've also been doing a lot on Pinterest and general google searching to find my post bridesmaid hair do. I've been growing my hair for the past year and now it's time to chop it all off again. I think I've got the style decided, I just need to decide where to get the chop. Please pass any recommendations for great Dundee hairdressers my way.


  1. It looks like you've both had a great month - away to look at the photos of the wedding now. I've been dying to get into once upon a time so hopefully I'll have time soon <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. I've been eyeing up Helen's jewellery on Instagram this month and it's looking fantastic <3 If you decide to sell any creeptastic jewellery give me a shout, I'm a very likely customer!