Monday, 21 September 2015

Story of a Pink Lady

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Most people have a drastic hair change when they've made a big change in their life. I make a big hair change the moment I've cracked a hairstyle. I wake up one morning thinking "This is finally doing what it's supposed to do. What I need now is some half grown out layers/ patchy faded colour/ untamable bangs". The whole thing is ludicrous. I blame Pinterest for always enticing me into something new.
Since I've been busy cutting a new style (blunt with bangs), I thought I'd share my pink hair journey with you. It's only a matter of time before it's old news, and I'm desperately wishing it was back. Because I never learn. So here is a list of some hair dyes I've used.
FYI: This post isn't in any way sponsored, I'm just sharing my experiences. My natural hair is that sad mousy colour that was white blonde in childhood but has faded to a dirty blonde/light brown depending on how much sun I've had. I'm not a fan of home bleaching but I've listed the bases I've used: 1.) Bleach London Rose
This is the quickest way to do pastel and has been used by every blogger I know. Some of you may remember my first attempt at pastel way back when. I had highlights (done in a salon) but didn't pre-lighten my hair to even it out so the result was a kind of rose gold. I really enjoyed this more apricot colour that I finally achieved with it but good god it was a pain. My hair doesn't take colour very easily (probably because I don't use bleach) so I'd have to keep the lotion on for twice the recommended time, before rinsing with cold water. (This is definitely not recommended! Don't blame your allergic reactions on me.) I'd be lucky if it lasted one wash, followed by a week of random strands of pink. (but fear not, I've also mastered the art of colour removal, see below). The tip to make it 'last' is simply to not wash your hair. Hello Batiste, my old friend.

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2.) Crazy Color Candyfloss
Next I attempted Crazy Color. I pre-lightened by hair with a standard chemist blonde permanent hair dye to even out my tones and give my hair a wee lift. I really enjoyed this but again it lasted 2-3 washes before it became patchy. It also left the overall tone of my blonde really brassy.

**Cut to a break of violet and grey which left my hair much more neutral for adding in pastels.**
DIY hair, hair envy, hair goals, dream hair, pastel hair, hun, half bun, candy floss,
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3.) Schwartzkopf XXL Live
Yep, who knew that the secret to longer lasting pastel colour was those hideous Ultra Brights I used back in my student days for flashes and streaks, In writing this I've just realised Schwartzkopf helpfully have a video tutorial for this but at the time I did this look based on much googling, some beauty bloggers' variable tips and a bit of give-it-ago (my hair styling motto, clearly). I basically mixed up a very diluted formula of a blob of dye to a bowl of cheap white-coloured conditioner (so scientific) until I liked the colour. Bonus if it matched my favourite lip colour!
As my hair isn't prelightened to the extreme of Video Tutorial Girl I kept it on for 8 minutes. Except that one time that I started watching TV and forgot all about it for 25 minutes. Weirdly, the bright purpley pink was one of my best received hair colours but it drew too much attention and was too intense for my everyday life.
However, this has been my favourite way to dye my hair pastel the tube is resealable so lasts for ages and is good value for money. You can vary the strength (on purpose or by accident if you prefer) until you find your favourite shade. AND it lasts much longer and is less patchy than others I've tried, in my opinion.
DIY hair, hair envy, hair goal, dream hair, pastel hair, coral hair, bamboo, flower crown, tropical flower, hair trend 2016, bangs

4.) Stagazer
Saying that, I recently deviated into a peachier pink by way of old school favourite Stargazer that I'd bought a while ago on a whim and found lying around a drawer. The soft corally pink outcome was a dream but the bottle was tiny- barely covered my shoulder length hair- and it lasted 2 washes. Argh, why can nothing good ever last?! If Schwartzkopf could just make a warmer tone of their pink I'd be back on board for sure!

Who knew there could be so many pinks to try out. Now, what next?

With thanks to Miss Vicky Viola for the second last image and  Mint and Chillies for the final image- from our forthcoming Girlgang Weekender shoot. All other images Wardrobe Conversations.


  1. I love your pink hair. I'd like to try pink hair one day, but am currently sticking to my dyed red at the moment!

  2. I love how experimental you are with your hair colour. I am such a wimp and never do anything different with mine colour wise, other than a foray into a dip dye lilac a few years ago which I loved. I'm just always concerned that my natural colour won't come back and I do quite like it. You really suit the pink tones and so I will continue to live vicariously through you :p x

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