Monday, 28 September 2015

Styled by Kimberley: Tropical Girlgang Weekender

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girls with glasses, 2020 opticians, Scottish blogger, peach hair DIY, blogger favourite hair, banana leaf print,Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh, cryptomgamic garden
Lately we've been thinking that we haven't got together with our blogging girl gang in aaaages. So we set about rectifying that and created this shoot with Lynsay from Miss West End Girl and Vicky aka Miss Vicky Viola.. As four girls who love a quirky outfit with a sprinkle of humour and a touch of sass, we knew we could come up with a theme to suit us all. This time it wasn't a spooky photo shoot on the cards but a last chance at catching those colourful summer vibes; something we all give out in spades. This summer we all have a thing about anything fruity so we piled on the novelty pineapples, bananas and watermelons to create a Girl Gang fruit salad.
To capture the energy of the day we enlisted our fave daylight photographers to help us capture our tropical paradise- the wonderful Mint and Chillies. If you've been reading for a while you'll be familiar with Paulina's beautiful portraiture. She created our pastel themed profile pics amongst other beautiful shoots. It's great working with a photographer that you're comfortable to be in front of, and trust to produce phenomenal results. And I'm sure you'll agree she's worked her magic.

Now, not to give away the illusion but we in fact weren't in a tropical paradise, surrounded by giant rhubarb (say what?). We were actually exploring the amazing Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh. I've only been here once before but it was brilliant to stroll around on a Sunday morning. I'm not really a nature kinda gal but who wouldn't be impressed by the exotic flora on show here? Plus, I felt like a tiny tropical borrower hiding among the giant leaves.
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girls with glasses, 2020 opticians, Scottish blogger, peach hair DIY, blogger favourite, bamboo garden, fruit bunting DIY
Top | Topshop
Dress (worn as skirt) | H&M
Shoes | Clarks
Flower Crown | Claire's
Bag | H&M

Could my outfit be any more summery- even my tshirt pineapples are wearing sunglasses! I dug it out after looking over one of last year's posts (how long was my hair?!) but I swapped the banana leaf skirt for this palm dress I wore to Blogtacular in June. Cute and casual. Obviously when looking for a flower crown I headed straight to the queen of headwear- Lynsay! She brought a whole stack with her, so it seemed rude not to. And what a beaut this peachy pink number is.
I've just realised that my shoes barely feature but they are sooo pretty. From my fave granny shop, Clarks, they're a nude mule shape with cut-out and peep toe. Yes, I'm in love. Unfortunately, my shoe crushes seem to override the part of my brain that remembers that my ankle is still weak from an injury and I can't actually wear them to walk any where. Taxi!
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As is always they way when you combine blogging with really fun people, we had a blast creating these images and our awesome group shots, which we are sharing over on our Facebook page. We think you will agree that we would make the most adorable 90's girl band. We even managed to style out running from bees!
natural photography, laugh, Topshop tshirt, fun photo style, style bloggers, Miss Vicky Viola
With huge thanks to Paulina and Stan of Mint and Chillies for making our Club Tropicana dreams come true. Helen's photos will be popping up on Wednesday. And be sure to check out Lynsay and Vicky's photos too. They're dreamy.
No plants were harmed in the making of these photos.


  1. Awesome photos Kimberley. Looks like you were having a lot of fun and getting your fix of the last of the summer vibes.You really suit the flower crown, the colours work so well with your hair. Lush! Li x

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