Friday, 23 October 2015

Blog Crushes 14

Kimberley is crushin on...Ever So Juliet

Are you sure I haven't featured her before?!
...I can't even remember when I started reading fellow Edinburgh resident Juliet's blog because it was so long ago but I remember why: great hair, bakes cakes. The same is true today, although she no longer runs her cupcake company (boo!).  I really thought I'd 'crushed' on her here before because she's someone that I read consistently. I have been eagerly awaiting her Halloween make up tutorials- I loved the series last year. For me, she's one of the few lifestyle bloggers who really do the label justice- offering crafting, baking, hair and make up tutorials genuinely worth looking at. And her undercut is a constant source of hair envy!

Weirdly, while she is entirely lovely on social media* and we've probably been in the same room ate events a few times, until recently I have never spoken to her beyond a distant wave and 'hi'. That's the trouble with blogging, you know people (ie stalk online) but don't know people, ye know?
*We hung out at the recent Citizen M event and I can confirm that she is lovely in real life too!

If you too want to keep up with Juliet's latest projects you can follow her in instagram, twitter or facebook.

Helen is crushin on...The Daydreamer
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Dundee is a small city. It doesn't quite have the same blogging community as Glasgow and Edinburgh but there are a few of us and our numbers are only growing. Christina Miller, the Daydreamer in question, is one of my favourites. She has a chic and classic style that is timeless and she knows all the best places for coffee. Couple all this with beautiful photography and a super cute dog and this blog makes for the perfect Sunday morning read. I can't wait to get on board with the Dundee blogger meet ups this one has planned.
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