Friday, 2 October 2015

September Round Up

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Watching: I was at home sick with my IBS recently and watched 2001 film Mulholland Drive while clutching a hot water bottle over my achy tummy. It's billed as a psychological thriller/ murder mystery and centres around a young actress who meets a woman with amnesia. They go in search of who she is. Then it all gets a bit weird and you're not sure what's real and what isn't. Normally I love a good mystery but this one clearly had no solution. I know it was a Cannes winner but I really found it to be style over substance, self-indulgent and quite lazy in its story telling.

Doing: something a little bit different, I went along to the Burlesque Ball when it came to Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh. Although I love the pin up look and love the idea of burlesque performance I've not actually been to a performance. Calling it a 'ball' is a bit of a misnomer- it was a sort of variety show of burlesque with some cheesy music in between. The compere was energetic and really got the crowd going with a bit of cabaret and I really enjoyed the multi-layered costumes that the performers had. I just wish it had been seated- it was a bit awkward standing.

Buying: with major changes in my personal life, I find myself between homes. As I'm a bit of an interiors addict, I'm finding it hard not to be collecting bits for my house I need to downsize my possessions not add more!) so I've moved my attentions to my work office. I share a decent size office with another girl so we've been adding girly touches. Mostly by way of pink filing trays and prints. I have been adding fruity touches to my half too- and Paperchase is making this easy with raindrop files, fruity post its and drawing pins. I also have a flamingo cushion and Pineapple touches from Primark. And of course my pink GIRL GANG pennant that Helen made for our last weekender.

Clicking: all the new AW15 collections. I love the Lazy Oaf collaborations, especially Lazy Oaf x The Ragged Priest mom jeans. I love the cute patch ones but the 'total mess' slogan is so fun! Have you checked out the Lazy Oaf x Casper collection too? G-g-g-glorious! I want it all. I'm also coveting the new The White Pepper collection that's available to pre-order now- with free shipping! Colour blocking, winking eyes and scalloped edged pinafores galore.

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Watching: I recently took my dad and Heather for a family trip to the cinema. Since my dad is a huge Pink Floyd fan we went to see Roger Waters: The Wall. In essence this is a concert film but it also encompasses a road movie element where Roger Waters confronts his past. To me these sections seemed a tad self indulgent and took away from what is a truly spectacular stage production of a truly great album. The staging, effects and visuals from the concert were epic and I loved that they incorporated some of Gerald Scarfe's animation and illustrations. 

Doing: There's been a lot going on in Dundee so it's been fun to stay put on the weekends rather than traveling to Edinburgh and Glasgow.  Doors Open Day gave me a chance to visit many of the cities interesting buildings, including the D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, The McManus Archives and the Discovery Centre. I really enjoyed all of these but the discover centre was probably my favourite. They have a gallery showing work that mixes art and science plus I got to make an awesome plasticine microbe. That kind of learning fun should not be just for kids (even if I was the only adult at the table).

Buying: I moved into a new flat in Dundee at the start of the month so I've mainly been buying new house stuff. I forgot how many little things are needed. The first thing that was bought was a nice new doormat before moving on to bigger things like a bed and a wardrobe. It's finally starting to feel more homely now. The last thing that's needed is an internet connection. Which leads us to.....

Clicking: Due to a lack of internet I haven't been clicking an awful lot. I feel so out of the loop! To keep blog stuff ticking over I've been spending some of my free time at the local library but I don't want to outstay my welcome. My laptop is very old and loud and I am currently disturbing a number of people in the reading room. Fingers crossed we get wifi soon and I'll be able to catch up with all the online happenings soon.

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