Friday, 13 November 2015

November Wishlist

Almanac for June, snake ring, Miss Patina, cat collar shirt, Phiney Pet, Labyrinth scarf, babe with the power, Kerrie Aldo, Dundee designer, Jungle jacket, swing coat, patterned coat, silver boots, winklepickers, The Gothic Show Company
1.) Ouroboros Ring | Almanac for June
This shop is full of beautiful jewellery. Like, jam packed! I especially love this little snake ring. Simple but fun.

2.)  Love Cat Shirt | Miss Patina
Slowly working my way to crazy cat lady status, one piece of clothing at a time. How perfect would this shirt look with my Kerrie Aldo dress?! I love a quirky collar and this one is just too cute.  

3.) Babe with the Power Scarf | Phiney Pet
You remind me of the babe! I absolutely love the Labyrinth. It's one of my all time favourite childhood films. So Phiney Pet's latest collection is right up my street. Full of powerful babeness I want everything with this slogan on. The scarf would be especially useful for chilly winter days.

4.)  Jungle Swing Coat | Kerrie Aldo
Speaking of Kerrie Aldo, the new collection just dropped and it's all looking full on fabulous. I was dreaming of a bright yellow wax jacket with gingham trim (so practical and yet so fun) but then I saw this number. Not quite so practical but that jungle pattern is amazing. 

5.) Chelsea Winklepicker Boots | The Gothic Shoe Company
A good pair of boots is a requirement at this time of year. Silver space boots are a bit more of a luxury. Having small, fat feet I love any footwear that can give the illusion of them being longer and slimer - these winklepickers would do just that. Plus they're rather affordable for being handcrafted in London. 

ASOS dalmation boots, The Small Print phone case, 90's Phone Case, Black Hole Creations, Oh No Rachio, Be There in Five
1.) Rorschach test necklace | Black Hole Creations
Creepy and beautiful, I'm not going to give away what I see when I look at this rorschach test but this bug- shaped necklace is unusual and satisfying to look at. Want.

2.)  AIZA Boots | ASOS
Cruela Deville eat your heart out- these easy to wear chelsea boots have just enough fun to print ot make them pop. A different take on animal print that works with everything.

3.) 90s phone case | The Small Print Cases
Although I just got a new phone case (to match Helen's, obvs) I have my eye on this graphic triangle design from the same brand. Actually, I have my eye on quite a few of them. And they are one of the few decent case sellers to provide for Samsung. Buy all the things!

4.) Be Kind tote bag | Oh No Rachio!
Kindness is a really big deal to me. Now I can remind strangers to sort it out. It may also help strangers with my Resting Bitch Face issues. I am nice, honest!

5.) You're Like Really Pretty mat | Be There in Five
Sometimes a girl just needs a little reminder.


  1. That cat shirt is seriously the cutest thing ever. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. Love the jungle coat. So cute.

  3. Great pics both of you! Love both pairs of boots and the slogan bag is cute. Lianne x

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