Monday, 2 November 2015

October Round Up

October, round up, best bits, The Martian, Curiouser and Curiouser, event, yelp event, Oasis winter coat, Isolated Heroes kickstarter campaign, Scottish bloggers, Scottish blogging duo Watching: at the start of October I went to see The Martian at the cinema. It's been a while since I've been intrigued enough about a film to actively go to the cinema but I thought it was a good opportunity to go by myself. Like an adult. Then I mentioned it to a workmate and she came along too. We didn't watch it in 3D (she can't watch them) but it was still really visually impressive. Not laugh-out-loud funny but it was witty and, obviously, had Matt Damon.There were some hold-your-breath tense moments in it but it didn't over egg it. I recommend you go see it! Next I'm going to go  be an adult by watching The Lobster by myself. Just don't tell anyone.

Doing: earlier this month I was invited along to a new Yelp event, Curiouser and Curiouser. And curious it was. Billed as a secret art event, I had no idea where or what it was. Even when my amazing wax-sealed photo invitation arrived a few days later, I was clueless. We met at the address- a street corner (!)- before being taking up to the secret location- a *very* cool loft space filled with Milk Money cocktails, Soul Sushi, Flair Face Painting and live entertainment such as music, poetry and story telling. It was a fun, whimsical evening and one I'd love to repeat.

Buying: this should say trying. I've been trying to buy a new winter coat. And what a fuss it's been! I've been looking for a plain, neutral jacket in black or tan that will last me. Unfortunately my greedy eyes always wander off to sparklier, furrier, bolder numbers so I've yet to settle on one. I have my eye on this green Oasis one which only narrowly misses out on being black or tan. It wasn't in stock in my size when I tried to buy it so I've been meaning to snap it up online.

Clicking: I've been really excited to watch the Isolated Heroes Kickstarter campaign unfold. So excited that I've backed for one of those coveted sequin tears dresses. We popped in to see Sam at the Isolated Heroes studio in Dundee a couple of weeks ago and she is so passionate about the garments and her customers. I think it really comes across in her campaign video. Now it's down to the wire, so if you want to pledge for one of the great rewards on offer, get in now. It ends on 4th November!

October, round up, best bits, The Martian, Macbeth, Charlton Farm, Halloween, Karen Mabon, Lush scarf, Lush Knot-wrap, Dreamland vintage,Scottish bloggers, Scottish blogging duo
Watching: I also went to see The Martian in October and loved it. It's one of those films that you instantly want to watch again. Another October cinema trip was to see Macbeth. Scotland looks amazing in this film, extremely atmospheric and brooding. Lady Macbeth is not the full on bad ass she usually is but Marion Cotillard does a great job of bringing some humanity and fragility to the part. Plus Michael Fassbender makes for a pretty great Macbeth, especially when wondering around in his pj's and crown.

Doing: For me, October has been one big build up to Halloween. I started getting excited early and it just kept on going. Favourite spooktacular happings include a sister date to Charlton Farm. They full on decorate the place for Halloween and there was the added bonus of a delicious lunch finished off with Strawberry Donut Cheesecake! I also had an ace evening carving pumpkins with Emily while watching horror films - Trick 'r' Treat and Scream were our movies of choice. Halloween weekend itself was spent at the Hill Street Design House Birthday of the Dead party and exploring Dundee's Verdant Works at night for the Pure Evil takeover.

Buying: I've been eyeing up Lush's scarves every time I visit one of their stores. I know they're supposed to be meant as gift wrap but I just want to keep them for myself. When I noticed that none other than Karen Mabon had designed one I headed straight online and snapped one up. The brightly coloured circus print is right up my street and at only £4.50 it would've been foolish of me to not add it to my collection.

Clicking: Dreamland just dropped a whole load of vintage onto their ASOS marketplace. There are festive jumpers and party sequins galore. I've been eagerly trawling through it all and planning out my winter wardrobe. I so wish this awesome 80's party dress was in my size!

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