Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Styled by Helen: Dreamland

I love my brightly coloured Dreamland dress but it would have been too easy to wear it again for our Dreamland Style By. Granted, it would have made the two of us look like we were in some crazy cool Saved by the Bell girl group (that day will have to come soon now that it's in my head). Instead I opted to wear my new Dreamland belt. I matched it up with this fun tshirt that I picked up in City Retro. It definitely has some similar 90s vibes to Dreamland's collection. I thoroughly enjoy the light pink colour and squiggly patterns.

And (as Kimberley says) when you're wearing pink it's always a good idea to add more pink. Pink pom pom shoes and a pink blazer were a pretty good start and my furry clutch bag finished everything off nicely. This sparkly brooch has been decorating this clutch for a while now. It was DIYed by Kimberley for our friend Susan's hen do. Everyone got a glittery heart and the bride to be got a sparkly diamond ring brooch. I love a bit of glitter, especially when it reminds me of a fun day with some of my favorite ladies.

Jacket | Primark
Tshirt | City Retro 41
Jeans | New Look
Shoes | ASOS
Belt | Dreamland
Bag | Wee & Twee
Brooch | Kate Rowland
Glitter Heart Brooch | Made by Kim


  1. The colour of this blazer is just gorgeous! Not to much but looks perfect with your outfit <3

    Gisforgingers xx

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