Friday, 20 November 2015

What Kimberley Wore: Herald Fashion Awards

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Firstly, whaat? Here we are- finalists at the Herald Fashion Awards.
I'm not even sure what pushed us to enter. We had gentle nudges to enter last year but otherwise we wouldn't have even considered going in for it ourselves. While we love to get out there and meet other bloggers, designers and photographers, we don't really take ours very seriously.
I mean, we're the colourful goofballs of the Scottish fashion scene. Fashion nerds.
In the lead up to the event I've been made suddenly aware that real people know who I am from the internet, and this is something I can't compute. It's cringe. I think we have a bit of credibility now but I don't know at what stage I will be comfortable with it all. It doesn't stop me enjoying being part of the amazing creative scene that Scotland has to offer though, and maybe it is our unedited version that makes the blog worth reading. We are not cool but we have knowledge of the industry and a genuine love for the clothes we style up. Perhaps this comes across- one of the things we were repeatedly told at the Awards was that we are exactly like how our blog reads, and that is nice.
So, if this event has taught me anything, it's that you should just be you and put yourself out there.

Now for the best bit- my outfit! As Helen and I were representing our cities, I only had one designer in mind- the amazing Rowanjoy! She's best known for her unreal bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses (so so incredible) but she also has flattering feminine ready wear in the most amazing prints. They are like gold dust to get your hands on though. As soon as the stock goes out it's snapped up. I made a special trip up to Rowan's studio at Hill Street Design House to try on some of her samples for the event but when I saw this gold flecked wax cotton I knew I needed it. I made a very dramatic dash across town- in the storm- to pick this beautiful Jessie dress up from Godiva. I'm gonna wear this to death.
With so much going on with the dress, I kept accessories minimal with these beautiful killer Dune glitter heels and earrings. Our Best B*tches lunchbags may have been a bit unwieldy when filled with shoes, cameras and life essentials (like my granny rain bonnet for the storm) but I'm completely in love with them. I didn't intend on wearing glasses but my IOLLA Muir frames are just too cute to leave at home.

We spent the evening hanging out with loads of creatives- especially the babes of Dreamland Clothing, sparkle dream team Isolated Heroes and our table mates Twisted Time.

Dress | Rowanjoy via Godiva
Shoes | Dune
Bag | made by Helen
Earrings | H&M
Glasses | IOLLA

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Thanks to Rowanjoy and Godiva for sorting me out with my dress on a soggy evening, and to the girls from Benefit at House of Fraser Glasgow for sorting my face (and for the endless compliments to build a girl up).


  1. Your true love of clothes is the reason I love your blog so much! Keep sharing your outfits - this dress is awesome! <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  2. I love your dress. Congratulations on this, you definitely deserve it. Also, your glasses are lovely.x

    1. Thanks Lucy, I am in love with these glasses too! Kx

  3. I like this gold evening dresses ,It looks so elegant and noble for ME, if i have one, i will be very confidence.

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