Friday, 1 January 2016

December Round Up

Decemeber Round Up, best bits, December 2015, highlights, Die Hard, Christmas Films, CARVE, CARVE workshop, wax carving workshop, events in Avery and Co, jewellery making workshop dundee, jewellery making workshop Scotland, Lush, Lush dundee, Lush sale goodies, Santa Baby lip tint, Snow Fairy shower gel, blog reading, best blogs 2015, Rock n Roll Bride, Kittenhood, Alley Hope, Watching: At the start of the month I took a trip to the cinema to see Die Hard. Just what was needed to kick of a month of festivities. Yes, I am very much in the camp that Die Hard is a Christmas movie. He has a machine gin - Ho Ho Ho! It was great fun seeing it on the big screen, I do love me a bit of Bruce Willis.
The last few days of festive in between time have been spent watching a ridiculous amount of films. I relived my childhood by watching Labyrinth, Short Circuit, The Land Before Time and many more. I also went on a terrible horror binge, from festive themed films like Christmas Evil and Silent Night to more high caliber horror like The Babadook.

Doing: December has been filled with many festive activities, from Christmas markets to sewing stockings for cats (yes, really). One non Christmas related activity I did was attending the CARVE workshop in Avery & Co. Set up by Kate of Vanilla Ink and Katie Lees, CARVE is a two hour workshop in which they provide everything you need to carve wax ring. The wax is then sent off to be cast and a couple of weeks later a lovely silver version pops through the letter box. I was very pleased with my little wonky skull ring, it's amazing what you can do in such a short space of time. They've been running a series of these pop up workshops across the country, with more planned for the new year.

Buying: Earlier this week I actually went outside and had a wee peek round the sales. I was hoping to find something to wear for new year but my quest was not successful. I did however manage to find a few little sale treats to brighten up my day. One of the main stops on my excursion was Lush. After hearing about the online boxing day sale madness I wasn't sure there would be anything left but there was still a small selection of seasonal favourites for half price. I got myself the Santa Baby lip tint and a bottle of Snow Fairy to see what all the fuss is about.

Clicking: I've been spending the last week or so catching up with my blog reading and enjoying everyone's round up posts from the last year. Particular favourites have included Kitenhood's 2015 in Outfits (so much style inspiration), Alley Hope's Favourite Books of 2015 ( I really need to read more in 2016) and Rock N Roll Bride's Weddings of the Year (they're just so colourful!).
As it's the new year I've also been trying my best to get a plan in order for 2016 and ultimately sort my life out. Online resources like Do What You Love have been helping but I still feel like I've got a long way to go!
And finally I've been checking out Air BnB for places to stay when I go to Paris in May! If anyone has any recommendation please do let me know.

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Watching: obviously I've been Christmas binging. I've spent this festive period at my parents' house with my siblings and nieces and nephews, so it's been a constant cartoon-fest with Chicken Run, The Kroods, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (original). I got way too invested in Big Hero 6 on Christmas Day, resulting me in losing our family board games. It's so good though!

Doing: I did plenty to gear up for the day, with all of our market- going and my work's annual Christmas lunch. I also took part in the Scottish Bloggers Secret Santa, set up by Laura from A Life with Frills. I was really pleased with my little package from Santa. Finally, I attended the Scottish Bloggers dinner hosted by Betty and Bee. They had created fun stockings and had a Santa sack full of goodies from their contributors- I pulled out IOLLA glasses and I cannot wait to receive my pair of Carnegie frames I nearly picked the first time we visited. Held at The Trading House, it was a really fun, intimate evening of dinner, cocktails and giggles with some amazing bloggers. The perfect way to round up the year!

Buying: I decided to treat myself with Christmas gifts this year, so I finally bought the Oasis Angelina coat I've wanted for a while. I also picked up an audacious faux fur scarf from New Look and treated myself to some new Benefit make up. Because I'm worth it.

Clicking: sales, duh. Actually, I've been trying to concentrate on enjoying family time so I've been laying off the internet clicking. Obviously I made an exception for the Boxing Day sales but I found that in most cases things had already been on sale before then. I've been torturing myself with these fluffy Clueless shoes, Biba faux furs and pretty much everything from Wolf and Whistle.


  1. Snow Fairy is amazing! there really isnt anything like it out there i love when it comes out at christmas!

  2. I got the Angelina coat with my Christmas money, only in green - I'd had my eye on it for ages and it was down to half price in the sale!

    We'll be coat twins at next year's Christmas dinner, I think ;)

    Lis / last year's girl x