Friday, 29 January 2016

Styled by Kimberley: Scarf

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After a really colourful summer, I settled back into my black on grey on monochrome on black wardrobe a little too easily and this made me feel sad. A flurry of sequins to accompany the festive period brought back my sparkle (literally) and now I don't want to disappear into these dreich Scottish winter days. I find it pretty hard in January and February when there's no Christmas tat around. So I'm creeping towards the light in my style. Okay, I realise that what I have actually done is substituted the black for a navy colour block. I'm taking baby steps here, guys.

I've been talking about stepping out of my comfort style zone at the moment. When it comes to dressing I guess I'm pretty feminine. Feminine in a young girl/ old lady way, not necessarily an age-appropriate woman. I love androgynous styling but I'll admit, I've never thought it was for me. For two opposing reasons: my strong jawline and my curvy body.
My face actually works pretty well with androgyny. My cheekbones are unreal when I have short hair (and good lighting, unlike here) and I really suit a bowl cut. From a facial shape point of view, I mean. This does not mean I should have a bowl cut. I have in fact experienced a ginger bowl cut and it... is never to return. Let's leave that look to Helen.
To my mind, androgynous dress follows androgynous body shape. This has little to do with gender, I guess but the mod silhouettes suit a more petite, narrow body shape. I have hips and boobs and a bit more boobs to spare. There's no escaping it. However, I still really enjoy a narrow collar. While I can't really wear a fitted shirt to give the effect I like (even the best tailored shirts and a minimiser cannot hide dem boobs), wearing one under a shirt (or a faux collar like here) gives the same impression and adds interest to the look. And everyone should wear a bow tie!

When we discussed Scarf Week for the blog, I knew I had to give the Cleo Ferin Mercury animal scarf knot a go! How could I not? I adore this panda scarf and have been looking for the opportunity to get it out again. Having Helen on hand to expertly tie my bow again ensured a bouncy bow fit for any dapper gent or lady. It's such a cute scarf- and Cleo Ferin mercury have a big sale so these beauts are nearly half price!

Scarf | Cleo Ferin Mercury
Jumper | c/o Wear Eponymous
Collar | ASOS
Jeans | borrowed from my sister
Boots | c/o Ted and Muffy
Bag | Skinny Dip
Earrings | Dione Bowlt
Flower Ring | Runaway Fox
Bee ring | borrowed from Helen
Glasses | c/o IOLLA

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  1. I'm naturally an androgynous dresser but I'm not skinny so sometimes I struggle with it and think I'm not the right shape! I can't help it though, so I just have to try and embrace how I look. I never would have thought to use a scarf as a bow like this - thank you! x