Friday, 22 January 2016

Top Five: Dundee Cake Stops

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What's the best way to spend the afternoon when you're dressed in vintage florals? Why, going for tea and cake of course! To be honest, it's pretty much the best way to spend any afternoon, whatever you're wearing. Kimberley and I decided to test out the best places in Dundee for such a treat. We didn't visit all of these places in one afternoon (as much as we would have liked to) but I know my way around a cake break in my fair city. If you happen to find yourself in the city of discovery with a hankering for some homebaked goodness, you wouldn't go wrong with any of these fabulous cake stops:

The Palais
Cute, comfy and homely, this place is like hanging out at your cool Nana's front room. Packed full of local history and home baking. The counter is literally covered in sweet treats. It was a pretty hard task to pick something to pair with my pot of tea. In the end I opted for a slice of Bakewell Tart cake. As if a bakewell tart wasn't amazing enough, transform it into a cake and it's even better (and bigger).  I didn't think I'd manage it all but I persevered. Also, colourful knitted teacosies! What's not to love.

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tearoom, Dundee tearoom, Bakewell Tart Cake, Dundee bloggers

Folk Cafe
A place full of colourful art and even more colourful food. The cake table is always groaning and the paintings on the wall are always eye catching. All of this creates a fun and relaxed environment. The savory dishes are created with a health angle but the cake selection is quite the treat. Their sister establishment, The Parlour Cafe, is a smaller more rustic affair but still full of deliciousness.

Tea And Cake
It's all there in the name. This cute cafe is full of character and a tasty selection of food. It's the perfect stop for lunch and a great place for tea and a catch up. Just make sure you don't fill up too much as the cake selection is vast and varied. From giant meringues to mixed fruit muffins, sometimes it can seem like too much to choose from (if that's even a thing)! They also use a lot of nice local produce including some tasty fife lemonade.

Teapot, Madigan's Food Emporium, tearoom, cafe, Dundee

Madigan's Food Emporium
Part book shop, part cafe - this place has a relaxed feel and some quirky Alice in Wonderland decor. I'm talking teapots and cups hanging from the ceiling, it's full on adorable. The cake selection is always solid and fits with the homely feel of the place. And if tea isn't your thing they do a mean hot chocolate.

The Flame Tree Cafe
That enormous slice of chocolate cake down there was found at The Flame Tree cafe. It was huge and tasted SO GOOD. I couldn't manage it all in one go but the lovely folks packaged it up and I got to take it home for later. A lot of their offerings are vegan and gluten free and their wee signs keep you in the know. This place has a more modern feel but is still super welcoming. They've got a refurbishment in the works and I for one can't wait to see the outcome of it.

chocolate cake, slice of cake, Dundee cafe
Chocolate cake, Dundee cafe, strawberries, The Flame Tree Cafe


  1. I really need to find a friend who likes to go for tea and cake so we can try some of these places out!! <3

    Gisforgingers xx