Monday, 29 February 2016

February Round Up

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Watching: I was home ill earlier in the month so I decided to watch tv again for the first time in ages. This led to me binge watching the most recent series of First Dates on 4OD. I love people watching and I find this show quite uplifting. As well as shipping pretty much everyone on it, I think that I fall a little bit in love with nearly all of them. Is that just me?

Doing: I headed along to check out the new Scottish Design Exchange at Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh. I love the whole concept of pushing great Scottish designers that aren't focused on tartan or tweed. It's a not-for-profit shop and I particularly like the way they want to work as a foothold for students and graduates to turn out real sales. While there is a wide range of artists, furniture and home accessories, of course I am drawn to the Loft, where the fashion is. I enjoyed seeing familiar faces Ryan Cowie and Mischke Lingerie alongside some new (to me) pieces like the Queen Bee scarf from Heather Margaret Grace. Her prints are sensational!

Buying: make up, which isn't like me. I'd tried out a new bronzer  and returned to an old foundation around Christmas time and I wasn't really happy with either (probably because I haven't been on holiday in yonks and I'm ghostly pale.) So I popped along to Boots last week to try the No. 7 Match Made foundation service. The wee camera thing was fun and it was nice to have the second opinion, especially when you're shopping in the dark (literally) so you can't trust the lighting. I am pretty happy with the soft dewy glow of my paler Calico shade and I also dropped the bronzer and picked up my old favourite Benefit Dandelion blusher. Who needs contour when you have actual cheekbones to flaunt?

Clicking: alll the new season fashion. The Gucci AW 16 collection is my one true love. Pink fur, clashing 70s prints and cartoonish details, it's just the best. I'm also loving Clio Peppiatt's girly collection, featuring the Streetzies bunny slippers that have been on my wishlist for nearly a year!

Helen's February Round Up, Blogger best bits, Scottish blogger, Fright Fest Glasgow 2016, Hello My Name is Paul Smith, Girl Meets Brush, Blogtacular

Watching: I took a little trip to Glasgow to check out some of the offerings at Fright Fest. My choices were mainly random and based around the times of the cheap train tickets I'd booked, but it was a varied selection. I saw three films in total - Pandemic, The Wave and Southbound. I'd been looking forward to seeing Cell, an apocalyptic film with Samuel. L. Jackson and John Cusack, but release dates changed and they showed Pandemic instead. I wasn't overly impressed with this predictable Zombie-esque action film. Shot in the style of a first person shooter it was much less exciting than watching someone play Resident Evil (and that's not that exciting). I enjoyed The Wave much more. This Norwegian disaster film had some amazing scenery and lots of tense moments. Unfortunately, it lost it's way in the second half and the ending was a bit too happy for my liking. My final film was Southbound, a series of loosely connected short films shot by different directors. It had some creepy parts, funny moments and a few gruesome bits. All in all, pretty entertaining.

Doing: As part of my birthday celebrations at the start of the month, I took a trip to The Lighthouse to check out the Hello, My Name is Paul Smith exhibition. While being pretty small it certainly packs a lot in, taking you from the start of the designers career, to his inspirations and his working environment. It has a real sense of fun, colour and vibrancy. I especially enjoyed the behind the scenes at a Paul Smith fashion show and getting a closer look at a selection of his designs.

Buying: While visiting Wear Eponymous I treated myself to a Girl Meets Brush foundation brush. The brand are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to build on they're online tutorials and to add to their collection of brushes. Since their products are all vegan friendly and cruelty free, I thought I'd give them a go. Wear Eponymous have some of they're reward packages in store so I took advantage one of the amazing deals. Check out they're Kickstarter page for more info.

Clicking: Blogtacular tickets went on sale last week. Last year was so much fun but sadly I won't be able to make it this time around. So I've decided to torture myself by reading all about the opening keynote speaker and the fun plans for all  the awesome events. I've also been really enjoying their new podcast. The recent episode with Leona from Lucky Dip Club was particularly fun and inspiring.

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  1. I've also supported Girl Meets Brush this month! I can't wait for mine to arrive and hopefully I can invest in more <3

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