Monday, 22 February 2016

February Wishlist

1.) Black Takeout Bag | Skinnydip
Skinnydip can do no wrong at the moment (except for their lack of Samsung phone cases, they seem to be fazing them out *sob*) and I'm a huge fan of their novelty bags. The Unicorn Magic potion and Mermaid Tears potion clutches are obvious faves. This one is cute and not too out there and is a nod to the original Chinese takeaway novelty bag I fell for back in the summer of 2004 *sighs dreamily*. Want!

2.) Pineapple Silk Cushion | Silken Favours
I am moving. Yay! Which obviously means I need cushions because never enough cushions, right? Silken Favours have so many lust worthy prints and I couldn't even begin to pick just one scarf for he list but this little pineapple would be perfect in my tropical boudoir.

3.) Moon/ Night Sky Coat | Plastic Bones Store
Plastic Bones Store is another instagram find- I love stumbling upon new brands that way. I've been a fan for a wee while now as they have lot of really vibrant 80s graphic prints that I adore but this coat has been calling out to me lately...

4.) Chloe Perspex Heels | Public Desire
Since I let a pair of green velvet Zara booties fall through my grasp I've been on the look out for an alternative. I love that these have the perspex heel- in pink!- to keep them sweet.

5.) Ants Collar | Tres Chouette London
Again, a brand I discovered through social media. I think it was Pinterest actually. It's amazing how accessible everything is now. I love a collar anyway but with prints of lobsters, glasses and scissors these cute peter pans are a must!

1.) Pom Pom Skull Cushion | Gappy Gobs
This online shop features a whole bunch of weird and wonderful illustrated homewear. From Snoop Dogg to your very own pet, the collection of cushions is wonderfully weird. I love this skull number, especially with the added pom pom fun.

2.) Hip Hop Nail Varnish | Little Ondine
The lovely Miss West End Girl gave me a bottle of this nail varnish as flat warming gift and in the process introduced me to this lovely brand. Using all natural ingredients they have a wonderful selection of colours and glitters available. I love the mix of colours in this Hip Hop glitter. Plus, it's nail varnish that you're supposed to peel off! 

3.) Sorrow Club Jacket | Stay Home Club
I find myself really wanting to jump on a current trend and buy myself a bomber jacket.  There are loads out there at the moment but I love this embroidered number from Stay Home Club.The panther may look sad but the jacket looks nice an cosy.

4.) Moumi Frilly T-Bars | SUPERSWEET x moumi
Cat print shoes. Need I say more?! Oh yes, they also have a cute frill detail and super duper cute t-bar shape. Perfect for crazy cat ladies who want to show of their feline love in style, aka me!

5.) Them Bones Earrings | Karen Smith Jewellery
How cute are these little bone earrings! Simple, yet fun and a little bit creepy. Just my cup of tea.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature :)
    You guys are so cool, I love your style. ( I just basically want to be you, k?)