Monday, 28 March 2016

Blog Crushes 19

Helen's crushin on ... Not The Kind
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Not the Kind is a funny website and online shop filled to the brim with colourful creations from the minds of fabulous independent designers. Alongside a fun shopping experience you can also find some hilarious stories from Carrie Maclennan (Not the Kind of Girl You'd Marry). This lady is one colourful bowl cut babe. As well as coveting her totally awesome style, I also find myself coveting her writing style. This girl sure knows how to spin a good yarn. I'm usually someone who goes for photo heavy blogs but this one is all about the text. It's honest, funny and goes perfectly with a cup of tea. And, as if all of that wasn't enough, the site also features videos of  her playing various recorders. It's like magic for the eyes and ears! Follow Carrie on Instagram for a visual look into her life, wardrobe and amazing hair. Oh, and Bruce the cat #classicbruce.

Kimberley's crushin on... Pie and Fash
Blog Crushes, favourite bloggers, best bloggers, Pie and Fash, faux fur
I'm not gonna lie, I first got into this blog when I read her post I got diarrhoea for Valentine's Day. I came for the humour and I stayed for the style, which is all faux furs and bold combinations. Anyone who uses the Cookie Monster as a style icon is a winner in my books. She also has really open relationship and sex posts, which I like to nosey into. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

We're also lovin'...
  • We recently met Georgia Gordon at EFW and we were coveting her insane hosiery/ boot hybrid by Charlotte Olpympia. 
  • Kerrie Aldo is sharing how to care for your wax jacket to make it last foreeever.
  • She Might Be Loved is revealing her thoughts about bloggers modelling for brands.
  • Popping up on our Time Hop is this interview we did for Scotbloggers 2 years ago. Aw, look at slightly younger us!
  • Blogtacular's 5 spring cleaning tasks for your blog.

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