Friday, 25 March 2016

March Wishlist

1.) Peach Panther Sweatshirt | Lorien Stern
Since spring is officially here I should probably be thinking about tshirts and summer dresses. But I couldn't help but fall for this rather attractive sweatshirt. Lorien Stern makes some amazing ceramics, alongside a collection of fun printed clothing. I love the panther print on this number, though the bomber jackets are also rather fantastic.

2.) Glitter Eye Backpack | Alice Takes a Trip
More things with eyes on. I can't resist an eye motif  and when it comes with fringing and sparkle, I find it even more irresistible. Plus backpacks are super handy and practical. And totally cute, I mean have you seen Clueless!

3.) Dark Crystal Enamel Pin | Sugar & Vice
Dark Crystal is one of my favourite childhood films, so of course I love Sugar & Vice's new pin. Who wouldn't want to sport the crystal shard. What's even more exciting is there's also a Tik Tok pin available and a Labyrinth pin in the works. Another two of my favourite childhood films. I'm going to try my best to hold out for all three, as I hear they will be available as a handy set.

4.)  Green Snail Necklace | Oh My God Jewels
I just came across Oh My God Jewels on Instagram and I am IN LOVE! Worms, unicorns, teeth and slugs, Oh My! Such an amazingly strange collection of handmade jewellery that comes in a range of awesome colours. I pretty much want it all. Ok, I totally want it all.

5.) High Waisted Faux Leather Skirt | Pin Up Girl Clothing
A little sexier than my usual wishlist items but you can't go wrong with a pencil skirt. The faux leather adds a bit more rock and roll and every girl wants to be a bit sassy sometimes. 

1.) Floral Bomber | Nobody's Child
We couldn't make the recent Nobody's Child Blogger Party (booo!) but that hasn't stopped me stalking their site and coveting their cute florals. I'm in love with this super affordable bomber jacket. Swoon!

2.) One in a Million Pouch | Katie Loxton
I stumbled upon these Katie Loxton pouches in a random giftshop recently and I am obsessed. Very Kate Spade, they are easy to wear, pops of colour and would be perfect inside one of my many many canvas tote bags. I spent around 30 minutes trying to pick which one I wanted. And at £16 a pop I could see myself stocking up...

3.) Drip Scarf | Paris Essex
There is something so so chic about all the Paris Essex knitwear. It's quite simple but striking designs and I love it all. This is top of my list.

4.) Bee Watch | Olivia Burton
Love bees, love rose gold, love the shape of Olivia Burton watches. Perfect combo.

5.) Great Britain Shirt | Miss Patina
It's like Miss Patina can see right into my mind with their adorable secretary chic pieces and adorable collars. Whether you're a cat lady or straight up geek, there's sure to be something for your dorky self. That Mathlete bomber jacket though...


  1. So in love with that eye backpack!

  2. O.M.G that mathlete bomber jacket! I love it but if I wore it to work I'd be expected to talk maths with people.

  3. Beautiful flower bomber! I would not mind owning one!