Friday, 18 March 2016

South Pour Blogger Brunch

When we were invited along to the launch of Newington's newest addition- SOUTHPOUR bar- we jumped at the chance. Because brunch. I don't know a blogger (or any person) who doesn't love a brunch. Huge in the USA, I love that this weird late morning mix up of sweet and savoury food items is growing here in the UK too. A bit more sophisticated than your classic Full Scottish, it seems to encompass any kind of food you fancy. And SOUTHPOUR have got you covered with an impressive menu just for brunch. From kippers to eggy brioche bread, hot smoked salmon to black forest ham, we made it our mission to find their best bits. And we did: scrambled egg on sourdough were light, creamy and fluffy. Definite winner for Helen. The Bloody Marys- and their quirky twist Red Snapper- had more than a kick to them but we kept going back for more.

The atmosphere was light (perfect for photos, fellow bloggers) and relaxed. This may sound reeeally weird but one tip I would hand out is to check out the toilets! If there's one thing I always inspect in a place where I'm eating, it's the loos. If they don't keep those up to spec then what's going on in the kitchen- right?! And these were real beauties, with individual rooms each featuring a sink like a boutique hotel. The walls had a really touchable textured walls. I'm serious!

We had fun hanging out at SOUTHPOUR and we don't seem to be the only ones- every evening I've gone past has seen it full. Looks like we've had our chance at having the place to ourselves- we may even have to book in future! It's alright thought- we'll just hang out in the ladies!

The universe has obviously heard our brunch prayers and it has provided! This weekend lots of venues across Edinburgh are offering cheap and tasty brunches as part of This is Edinburgh's Big Brunch. On Saturday 19th March you can pick up your favourites (for us it's anything with hollandaise) for £5-10 at many of the locals like The Rose Hip, Hula, Boozy Cow and Hendersons. We kinda fancy The Tower. It's advised to book in advance so if you're thinking of grabbing a bargain head over to the This is Edinburgh website.

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