Monday, 14 March 2016

What Kimberley Wore: Brunch

Pink hair vintage styled girl Kimberley Grahame with a Bloody Mary at Southpour Edinburgh Wardrobe Conversations fashion blogger wearing 70s patterned maxi dress from Vintage Kilo Sale Pink hair fashion blogger wearing 70s patterned maxi dress from Vintage Kilo Sale Pin up style with pink pincurls and vintage style glasses from IOLLA Gucci inspired clashing 70s floral prints with faux fur scarf and biker jacket
Brunch- my second favourite meal after brinner. So basically, breakfast at any time of day is good with m. I don't even mean fancy favourites like croques monsieur or eggs benedict. Some evenings I just like a big bowl of cereal- two sugary kinds mixed with banana slices, for what my 5 year old niece calls Crazy Cereal. As in it makes her crazy. And me too. I do like a sugar high. When I heard that Reverie in Newington had closed (great Sunday roast venue RIP), I was pretty excited to see what was popping up instead. Enter SOUTHPOUR. We were invited along to their launch brunch. As you can see from the photos, it's a really cool place to hang out in. But more of that in our review post on Friday!

The brunch was held on the Sunday of Edinburgh Fashion Week so I'll admit I was a little overdressed for a lazy Sunday meal. I was giving my vintage fashion talk straight afterwards so I needed my outfit to work for that. Can I be honest? I was actually thinking of getting rid of this dress. I really wasn't sure where I would wear it. I bought it at the Vintage Kilo Sale as a step into something different and I've worn it only once since then, for our vintage florals style challenge. While I loved the look, there's just something about a maxi that makes me feel like I'm making to much impact, like there is too much of me in the room or I'm trying too hard. That might sound silly (especially given that I wore mermaid sequins and a mohawk the previous day!!) but I felt too 'dressy' on other occasions that I've put this on. I'm pretty sure it's the length of it because bold pattern doens't normally frighten me.

It's also pretty hard to style a winter coat over an A line maxi- I hate how it kicks out under a longer jacket (I'm quite fussy about silhouettes). It needs something short, above the hip. Last time I borrowed Helen's plain black biker but I only had this one. Which is tremendous in its own right, with a subtle violet floral print. The two aren't a great match so the only way to tie them together was by adding EVEN MORE. The fluffy faux fur scarf adds a block of colour to tie the two purple tones together and break up the pattern of the jacket. I added the clashing print bag because if you're going to clash, do it properly. And it's totally on trend- thank you Gucci!

Dress | c/o Vintage Kilo Sale
Shoes | Swedish Hasbeens
Jacket | Fearne Cotton
Scarf | ASOS
Bag | Topshop
Glasses | c/o IOLLA

Wardrobe Conversations fashion blogger wearing 70s patterned dress from Vintage Kilo Sale Wardrobe Conversations fashion blogger wearing 70s patterned dress from Vintage Kilo Sale Candy floss pink lady hair with Grease inspiration Clashing 70s floral fashion prints inspired by Gucci AW 16 at Milan Fashion Week Swedish Hasbeens and orange and lilac 70s vintage print maxi dress worn by Wardrobe Conversations style blogger
With my candy pink pin curls and my trusty Swedish Hasbeens clogs- both a totally different era from the dress- I tried to bring this look more in line with my comfort zone. I'm considering it as a regular spring look. Once we ditch the outerwear. I always think that the first few outings of something new can make you feel a bit 'out there' but if you like the look then persevere (and listen to the compliments). Pretty soon an item will slip into your daily wardrobe without a thought and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

Does anyone else find this, or am I really weird?
Fashion blogger Wardrobe Conversations enjoying a Bloody Mary at new Edinburgh bar Southpour


  1. Kim, you look absolutely babe'in & so glowy! I love this dress and the leather jacket is to die for.

    Lots of love xo

  2. Loved this dress Kimberly, you looked lovely!

    The Little Things | Louise x

  3. Kimberley, you SLAY ME. This dress is amazing. x