Monday, 2 May 2016

April Round Up

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Watching: My Mad Fat Diary because as always, I am late to every party. I don't watch tv regularly. I was ill (yep, again. Toddler nieces share all the best things!) so I binge watched My Mad Fat Diary while in bed sniffling and feeling sorry for myself. I remember trying this out before and not getting into it but I enjoyed it in my flu daze. The 90s soundtrack and fashion (and that Changing Rooms style decor!) definitely added to my enjoyment of it. Love a bit of nostalgia. I also had no idea how attractive Newt from Hollyoaks is now?

Doing: this month has felt shorter than ever as I've been dashing around. Between blog events, family birthdays and a work conference for my day job my diary has been packed. One of the dorky things about me is that I love love love cake to the point that I've become the organiser (and official taster) of my work's monthly cake morning, and it has become a competitive affair. My team's theme changed last minute to 'spring picnic' and we had a full spread with tartan blanket, ceramic animals (don't ask) and both sweet and savoury bakes. I brought along a blueberry and soured cream loaf from the Hummingbird Cake Days recipe book that was easy to make and impressively moist. This book is seriously amazing.

Buying: I might have taken advantage of the The Whitepepper bank holiday sale and picked up a few bits, including these super cute cactus earrings and noodles patches. The patches came about because I kept eyeing up all the sushi collection but the shapes weren't quite right for me. I soon realised I was picking things based solely on the wee patches, so why not just skip the outfit and pick up the parts i want! Now I can customise something myself.

Clicking: things to do for a special birthday that is sneaking up on me. (And also checking out anti-wrinkle products.) I really wanted to do this paranormal overnight stay at Scotland's Secret Bunker (because obviously there are ghosts in an unused underground shelter...) but it sold out too quickly! I'm going to do it at some point though... While I love parties, I hate being the centre of said parties so I'm trying to avoid that. I also like to spread out my birthday celebrations. So far I'm having an afternoon tea, family dinner and spa day to myself. Any other ideas welcome!

round up, best bits, Scottish bloggers, The Jungle Book, dinosaur party, Morningside Makers Market, Kerrie Aldo, Hayley Scanlan, Oh No Rachio Watching: I went on a fun family trip to see The Jungle Book. I hadn't been super excited to see it but, after hearing a bunch of positive reviews I thought it would be good to go along. I ended up really enjoying myself. It looked amazing and it was a treat to see it on the big screen. Watching it with my nephews just added to enjoyment. I liked how it incorporated nods to the 1967 cartoon but took some of the characters in a different direction. I really loved Christopher Walken voicing King Louie, even if his song seemed a little out of place.

Doing: Like Kim said, April was a busy month! It started off with a fun trip Morningside Makers Market, where we got to decorate some ceramics (there will be more on this soon). I visited a Kerrie Aldo pop up, a Hayley Scanlan pop up and a spring fair with a whole host of makers. I celebrated my sisters birthday at her dinosaur themed party. And the last part of the month was spent enjoying some creepyness at Dundead and taking a relaxed trip to Glasgow for brunching with Lynsay and baking with Ashley.

Buying: While at Kerrie Aldo's pop up I requested a custom piece in the form of one of her makeup bags made from the jungle print fabric. Not long after, it popped through my door. A good post day indeed! I had a great time sorting out my makeup and deciding what would be housed in my new bag. Luckily it's super spacious so I managed to fit all of my favourites and then some added extras.

Clicking:  I was so sad to read the Ruben (the kitty friend of Oh No Rachio designer Rachel) is very sick. I love cats and I know how important a furry friend can be. Ruben is a super cute and fluffy Persian who even has his own Instagram. When I saw that 100% of the proceeds from Oh No Rachio's Good Vibes pin are going towards his vets bills I clicked straight through. The internet can be a great  place where people can come together to help each other out and show support during tough times, even if it's just in a small way. Send all the good vibes you can!

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  1. Since I never watched Hollyoaks, I had to Google Newt even though I just KNEW you'd be talking about wee Nico... he makes me feel like a dirty old lady :D Cannot say enough good things about My Mad Fat Diary: so many amazing performances and such a convincing, realistic portrayal of mental illness. Plus it ended on the perfect note.

    Think I'll be picking up one of the pins Helen recommended this month too.

    Lis / last year's girl x