Monday, 23 May 2016

Blog Crushes 21

Kimberley is crushin' on... The Velvet Epidemic
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A word of warning before you read this blog: you must appreciate satire. As well as being a total babe with a strong boho/ norm core/ charity shop chic aesthetic, Stevie is hugely self-deprecating and openly mocks her look and insecurities in a cartoonish and clever way that I can really relate to. A particular fave is her post 'How to make boys fancy you and do everything for you and fall in love with you....' And she always looks sexy in a subtly non- try hard way. Obvs.

Although I really recommend reading the blog, you can also catch her outfits over on Instagram and Twitter.

Helen is crushin' on... Leopard Print Elephant
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This may be a relatively new blog but Jamie has a strong writing style and a whole load of opinions that I love reading. Discussing pertinent millennial issues such as gender, narcissism and love, alongside sharing uni life and style tips, I really enjoy the mix of subjects covered. Plus, when there are this many amazingly colourful outfits in one place, you know I'm going to be a fan. Jamie has amazing style and a wardrobe to covet. And this Fashion Iconography Look Book is on a whole other level.

Like Kimberley with The Velvet Epidemic I encourage you to read the words on Leopard Print Elephant but if you're looking for a quick colour injection them Jamie's Instagram is the place to be. At the moment it's all about yellow.

We're also lovin:
  • We want everything on Ayelined  monochrome Monki and Lazy Oaf purchase list!
  • The lovely Ruth from Urbanity Blog writes candidly about her recovery from anorexia with some thoughts she's had along the way. We heart her.
  • Flame haired babe Frankly Ms Shankly is giving a saucy harness a go with her underwear as outerwear challenge. Want!
  •  Make up tutorials were what the internet was made for, right? Lisa Eldridge has a whole host of top tips to help step up your makeup game. 
  • Dundee filmmaker Dylan Drummond created some videos about graduating DJCAD students. Hooray for degree show time!

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