Monday, 6 June 2016

What Kimberley Wore: Tea Green Concept Atelier

Does anyone else struggle with packing for a weekend?
When I visit Dundee for events, I hate dragging around a big bag (because I don't drive) so I try to multitask my outfits in a tiny capsule wardrobe. On this particular weekend we had two evening events and day time bits to squeeze in. Considering one pair of shoes for three outfits can be hard when you have such a vibrant wardrobe like me, and multiple pairs of jeans or jumpers take up so much space. So what to do? If I'm honest, it's one of the reasons I wear so many dresses rather than separates- you have your complete look in one piece.

There are times when I have not thought about it beforehand though. Okay, if you were to ask Helen, *most* of the time I have not thought about it. I pack my bag the night before, throwing stuff in with a 'pants and toothbrush are the only real necessities that can't be borrowed' attitude that I deeply regret. Every. Single. Time. And so, we have the Borrowed Wardrobe. I've said it before but I am extremely lucky to have the best stylist in the city and her wardrobe at my disposal. So much so, that on this occasion I deliberately didn't bring extra outfits. (Shh, don't tell her.) She has so much covetable stuff and it's been ages since I've had a proper rummage. In the end I went with this simple but effective mesh polkadot dress, which I wore as a top. Helen always looks adorable in it (see proof here), so I figured I might too.

I borrowed the top, the bag, and the adorable little scarf in my hair and lipstick to add a little colour pop to an otherwise monochrome outfit. Goth has never been my thing but a cute 50s nod never fails. I was still dressing for winter (because spring never appeared) when summer suddenly decided to show its face!
It was an easy, comfortable outfit that I wore to the Tea Green Concept Atelier, out and about in town and to pop in to check out the little market held in the soon-to-be Kissed premises before a quick change for the McManus Festival of Museums celebrations. More on those soon...

Top | Hayley Scanlan
Jeans | Primark
Shoes | Clarks
Scarf | borrowed from Helen
Glasses | IOLLA
Bag | H&M
Coat | Warehouse

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