Friday, 1 July 2016

June Round Up

best bits, round up June 2016, 2016 best bits, Independence Day: Resurgence, M Boutique, M Boutique Dundee, Blooming Bees, jewellery making, Vanilla InkWatching: Just the other day I went to the cinema to see Independence Day: Resurgence. I have to admit that I entered with pretty low expectations. I loved the first one, had been excited for the second one, and then I saw the trailer. I don't know if it was going in with the bar set so low but I loved it! I haven't had so much fun in the cinema for quite some time. It was over the top and ridiculous in just the ways I wanted. It was great seeing so many of the old cast back again and the scenes with them were definitely my favourites.

Doing: June has been a crazy busy month. With a whole bunch of my fabulous friends celebrating their 30th birthdays and a hen do to attend, there hasn't been that much time for blogging! I did make it along to M Boutique Dundee's 1st birthday where I got to peruse they're fabulous fashions and do some flower arranging with Blooming Bees.
I also managed to make it along to the Glasgow School of Art Degree Show. Well, a little of it. Of course I made a bee line for the jewellery and textiles. There was plenty of good stuff but I particularly liked the work of Freya Alder.

Buying: Aside from presents for the aforementioned birthday girls, I've also been buying some jewellery making supplies. June saw me getting back to the bench and I've been spending some time hot desking at Genna Delaney's studio. I have used a lot of my time making gifts for the birthday girls but I also managed to make a little something for myself. I can't wait to get back in the studio and make some more!

Clicking: On a jewellery making note, I've been enjoying reading the Meet the Inker series on the Vanilla Ink blog. I love finding out about the designers different styles, ways of working and inspiration. Plus, seeing all their fabulous creations is just a joy.I have a lot of work to do to get half as good as this lot!

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Reading: I was at my mum's house recently and stumbled upon my old Uni copy of one of my favourites, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson. So I read it again for the 10th time and was extremely thankful that I hadn't annotated it during my studies. I'm sure I'd be embarrassed by me. It's still a good read. Written in the mid-80s, it follows the main character Jeanette's life (interwoven with myths) as an oddly obsessive child, raised in religious oppression. Read it.

Doing: Hmm.. what have I been doing in June? Oh yes, celebrating a little thing known as a 30th birthday! I hate big parties centered around me, so I decided a week of fun activities would suit me better. You can catch my goings-on on my instagram but I managed to squeeze in a few delicious dinners, cocktails, a wee pedicure and pamper, a hair makeover, an afternoon tea, a night of dancing, mega milkshakes, some silk marbling and a wee surprise flamingo and pineapple themed party. Phew!
It was brilliant, though I spent half the week complaining that I was too old to keep up. Next year I may celebrate by napping. And sobbing that I've given away my age, so I can't start shaving off a couple of years.

Buying: With all my birthday gifts, I really wasn't in need of buying anything this month. But a girl is always tempted. Our pals Mint and Chillies have recently started a lifestyle brand to fit in with their yoga and cycling. While I can barely get on a bike, I've been into yoga for a really long time and their Positive Vibes t shirt seemed like the perfect item to wear. It's super soft, and a decent length for doing all that stretching. It's cute enough to wear out and about too.

Clicking: Constant nail inspiration. My nails have been spoiled this birthday month, with a heavenly pedicure at Hepburn Nail Lounge in Dundee to kick off my celebrations, and the week rounded off with a vintage tiki set of claws from Cutie Cool Nails at Zara-Leonie's Edinburgh- based vintage salon. It was the perfect treat to enjoy a quiet cuppa and cake while listening to some soothing 60s tunes. It's got me back on the nail art wagon so I've been checking out my favourite instafeeds, like Trash and Ready, Get Buffed Nails and blogger Mermaid Gossip whose nails are always perfection.

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