Monday, 11 July 2016

Top Five: Tips for an Awesome Girl Gang Sleepover

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Back when we began this blog we wrote a post giving 5 Ingredients for a Grown Up Sleepover. Having just enjoyed a fun, girly weekend with our blogging buddies - Miss Vicky Viola and Miss West End Girl, we thought it was time for an update. When the four of us get together there's always plenty of laughs, hugs and hilarity. Sleepovers don't always have to be childish, but sometimes it's nice to throw a little bit of nostalgia into the mix.

1.) Pick a Theme
We are definitely fans of a good theme. If we had our way every party, get together and meeting would have one. The theme of last weekends sleepover was royalty. Picked because our girl gang won some fabulous Dolly Midi rings in a recent Bloody Mary Metal giveaway. Crowns for our fingers, yes please! We added to the theme with some DIY pipe cleaner crowns for our heads and curly straws to act as scepters. It's fun to act like a Queen every now and then.

2.) Girl Gang Gifts
Whenever we have a get together there's usually some kind of gift giving going on. What can we say, we know some lovely and generous ladies. Be it something hand crafted, belated birthday treats, edible delights or just a great big hug, it's always nice to have a little souvenir from our time together.

3.) Old School Movies
Every good sleepover should have a fun movie programme. Girl gang sleepovers provide a particularly good opportunity to relive some classics and share your favourites with your friends. This weekend Kimberley was introduced to The Breakfast Club and we all enjoyed some super cheese in the form of Burlesque, because #WWCD (What would Cher do).

4.) Fun and Games
It may be a bit geeky but we love a good board game. They're the perfect indoor activity for a rainy weekend and it's always more fun with more people involved. Cludeo, Dreamphone and Monopoly are some of our gangs favourites but this weekend we got down with technology and used Lynsay's Iphone to play Heads Up. There really is an app for everything these days!

5.) Brunch is Best
Every sleepover has a morning after. And every morning (or afternoon) after should include some tasty brunch. We are such big brunch fans that we had to have it twice. Once on Saturday, when we investigated the newly opened The Bach, and then again on Sunday when we enjoyed pastries in our PJs.

And a girl gang weekend wouldn't be complete without a super cool collage of memories.....

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  1. I think I read your blogs too much (stalk you guys on instagram too much) as I think I know which nails belong to which girl gang member). Officially weirded myself out there. I am also a big fan of themes!