Friday, 30 September 2016

September Round Up

Round up, best bits, September 2016, blogger best bits, September highlights, blogger highlights, Scottish bloggers, Scottish blogging duo, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Dreamland vintage sale, Tiger mouth cup, Cheap Frills halloween goodie bagWatching: I've been to the cinema a number of times this month. In fact I'm not sure how I managed to fit it all in! I went along to Odeon's Scream Unseen and caught the new Blair Witch film. I was never a huge fan of the original (hold the camera still, I can't see why you're screaming!) but this sequel/ reboot ticks quite a few boxes. I felt much happier with the explanation of why they would carry on filming, though I was still confused about how the batteries lasted so long. I also caught Captain Fantastic, Don't Breathe and The Man Who Fell to Earth, which are all worth checking out. My favourite of the month has to be Hunt for the Wilderpeople, it was just so much fun to watch.

Doing: I've spent the whole of September in Dundee. Traveling elsewhere costs money but, more importantly, there's just been so much good stuff going on. The start of the month saw Dreamland having a special vintage sale, then there was a delicious Blogger Brunch at DCA and last weekend was the Dundee Mini Make-off. This was the first make-off event and they did such a great job. There were workshops, demonstrations, a pop up shop and the make-off competition itself. I spent the whole afternoon hanging out and sewed myself  a little penguin friend at the Say it Ain't Sew stand.

Buying: Tiger have totally got me this month. The new eye/ mouth range of homewear is so up my street. I bought myself pretty much one of everything! Their range of David Shrigley stationary also caught my eye but I haven't managed to purchase anything just yet.
I also found myself a bargain and bought a Groupon voucher for a cut, blow dry and conditioning treatment at Blo Out and Refresh. It's the first time I'd bought a Groupon deal and I was very happy with how easy it was to use and book my appointment. My hair is now looking shorter than ever and I love it!

Clicking: As you can tell from my wishlist, I am so excited for Halloween. I love getting a look at all the different spooky collections that are released. I've been keeping my eyes peeled on twitter and instagram to see who's doing what and will be checking out Cheap Frills and I Likes Cats for their collections/boxes dropping today. I also love Sugar and Vice's creepy offerings, especially this Beetlejuice Necklace.

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Watching: CATS. As in the musical. My boyfriend was sad about missing it at Edinburgh Playhouse so we hopped over to Glasgow to see it at King's Theatre earlier this month. Andrew Lloyd Webber isn't really my thing but there I was- an adult, watching lycra clad human-cats crawling up the aisle towards me for the first time. Terrifying. When there wasn't audience participation, I actually quite enjoyed the constant random singing and dancing, but I kept looking for a storyline where there clearly was none. The set was really fun and the actors were so talented. I think it must be incredible to see as a child but I will never cry at Memories. Sorry.

Doing:  September is a super busy time in my day job so I've been in need of R&R in my spare time. As a special treat I was whisked away for afternoon tea at Gleneagles. Everyone knows I love afternoon tea anyway but their version was really good, and there was bonus falconry and a hedge maze to play in. The added song-filled road trip topped off the day.
I also attempted to join in on Doors Open Days, which is a huge architectural event where you get to snoop around cool buildings across Scotland for free. I love Art Deco and wanted to see St Andrews House but arrived too late. I took a (very windy) trip up Nelsons Monument on Calton Hill instead. It's the first time I've gone up and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the view. Sometimes it's fun to be a tourist in your own city.

Buying: Apart from the Vintage Weigh and Pay I've been trying not to buy too much stuff after I lost my entire makeup bag on a bus and had to replace everything. I'm sure it's probably good news for my skin to start afresh but it's really expensive!
One exception to this has been a The Whitepepper shirt dress. Since hearing of the fab London brand closing up shop last month, I've been scouring Ebay and Depop for their last season. Ebay has a range of the summer collection stock so snap it up while you can!

Clicking: Like I haven't been treating myself enough this month, I've also been looking into trying somewhere new for a wee spa treatment. I was invited by The Roxburghe Hotel in Edinburgh to check out their new nail bar and I also had a little snoop around their spa. I didn't even know it existed! The spa is below the Charlotte Square hotel, so it has that luxury spa break feel but it's right in the city centre. My nails were in a terrible state (destroyed by hauling some of my stuff out of storage) but they were whipped back into shape with a simple Shellac manicure in a new season denim grey. I'll be showing them off in upcoming blog posts. Right now the Shellac manicure is just £25 on their website or they have a bundle deal. Think I might treat myself to one of their massages though...

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  1. Afternoon tea at gleneagles sounds amazing! Looks like you've both had jam packed but amazing months <3

    Gisforgingers xx