Wednesday, 28 September 2016

September Wishlist

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1.) Haunted Shirt | Hello Holiday
As you can tell by all the items on my wishlist, I'm getting seriously excited for Halloween. I know we're still in September but it's the perfect time to get your orders in for some spooktacular specials. Of course, I would be more than happy to wear this adorable ghost shirt all year round. How cute is that pocket detail?!

2.) Dust to Dust Ring | Goldengrove
I'm in love with all of the items on this site. Influenced by mourning jewellery, there are so many beautiful pieces. The Opal Coffin Ring is stunning but might be a wish too far. This skull ring is a full on statement piece and the silver option veers a little more towards my price range.

3.) Fright Board Frame | Lindsay Lowe Horror Eyewear
Glow in the dark ouija board glasses. I mean, have you ever seen a more perfect Halloween themed item? They come with the choice of clear or dark lenses but I would be getting my prescription in there, stat! 

4.) Halloween Earrings | Revere Folie
Pick from a whole range of Halloween earrings with some serious wow factor. From creepy cacti to howling wolves, there's a pair for all terrifying tastes. I would go for the pumpkins. You know, because orange.

5.) Aura Boot | Dolls Kill
Slightly sinister but still completely wearable. The moon and star cut out is subtle, while the shape has some serious coven style. They also come in a shiny silver option for a more space age look but I think I prefer the classic black.

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1.) Lucille Harness | Shop Noxious
I've had my eyes peeled for a wearable, adjustable harness for a while now, and Edinburgh local Shop Noxious has provided, with a small but perfectly formed selection. Grab them now though- I hear they're in limited supply!

2.) Brigade Velvet Boots | Ted & Muffy
I am currently on the look out for either velvet or jacquard ankle boots but there are too many to choose from! Ted & Muffy are fantastic for quality boots though, and I like the embroidery. It's something a bit different. I'm also loving the Hunstman boots for an everyday look. The store in Edinburgh is sadly closed now but you can still shop online.

3.) Prestige Moons Earrings | Suzywan Deluxe
There's certainly something deluxe about these earrings, with a witchy vibe that is also wearable all year round. I really could've picked anything from the Moon Child collection though- they're all perfect.

4.) Mermaid Slip Dress | Sparkle and Fade at Urban Outfitters
The ol' slip-dress-over-a-tee was my absolute favourite look in the nineties (I also wore cycling shorts under it a la Clarissa Explains It All, but let's not talk about that). Although called 'mermaid', I'd describe this as a more mystical colour because it's quite dark and dreamy.

5.) Them Bones Earrings | Karen Smith
Okay, I know I've put two pairs of earrings on this wishlist but I couldn't do a Halloween one without these beautiful little bones. I seriously wear my Karen Smith key earrings all the time and I've had my eye on these for some time. Any excuse to finally pick these up!

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