Friday, 23 September 2016

Top 5: Edinburgh Vintage Shops

In every interview and chat we've done, we have been asked what our favourite vintage stops are. Although we don't think we're particularly vintage-led, we seem to be a couple of know-it-alls in the area. So much so we can't believe we've not covered it here! When we gave a talk on vintage clothing at Edinburgh Fashion Week back in March, we discussed local favourite spots, so this is an easy topic to go back over.

Here are our top 5 Edinburgh vintage shops (in no particular order):

1.) Miss Bizio Couture
We adore this little vintage boutique, owned by the fab vintage collector Joanna Bizio. You are really shopping her wardrobe here, and it shows. She knows the pieces inside out (literally) and has genuine memories attached to each- and she'll happily share the stories with you! These clothes have been thoughtfully selected to be timeless, wearable items and it is a great stop for investment pieces. The quirky little shop is where all today's post photos are taken from, because it's jam packed with gems.

2.) Those Were The Days Vintage
Another really quality boutique in Stockbridge, Those Were The Days Vintage has a really cool vibe- and so are the fabulous stylists on hand to dress you. Like, serious style crushes! The long rails are arranged by colour like a rainbow of retro dreams and they are carefully curated and simple to search through. No rail scrabbling nightmares here! There is also a wonderful bridal section.

3.) Armstrongs Vintage 
You can't discuss vintage shops in Edinburgh without a mention of the behemoth that is Armstrongs. Claiming to be Britain's largest vintage emporium, it is old and established, with three locations in the city. The main one is the Grassmarket shop, which is an Aladdin's cave of really random things of varying quality and price. Our tip is to check out its little sister shop in Teviot Place (formerly called Rusty Zip) which has a slightly cooler (and cheaper) vibe and is a favourite of students.

4.) Godiva Boutique
This little Grassmarket-based boutique is hiding a secret behind all those wonderful Rowanjoy and Mollie Brown dresses- there's a sizeable vintage selection in the second room of the shop that belies its second-hand origins. Purse-friendly and fun pieces, the shop is best for denims, shirts and amazing (ugly) jumpers. AND they've just introduced a collection from Beyond Retro, known for their reworked second hand clothing.

5.) Herman Brown
A place we often forget about, Herman Brown is another vintage fave stop for Edinburgh locals.With a similar feel as Armstrongs, you know you're in a vintage shop here with lots of variety. A great place to grab up some nice accessories.

*Bonus* And of course, we enjoy any vintage fair that comes to town. We like to keep everyone else informed of them via our Facebook page, so head over there to keep in the know.

Have we missed any from our list? Let us know!

Special thanks to Miss Bizio Couture for letting us play in her beautiful boutique. You can catch her wardrobe (and homages) over on instagram.


  1. I love Joanna on instagram (the effort she puts in is incredible!) but have still never been to her shop, which is a travesty. Next time I'm in the city, for sure. x

  2. Thank you Lauren! What a lovely thing to say Lauren and please do pop in when you are in town.