Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Blog Crushes 27

Kimberley is crushin' on... Tetris and Cheesecakes

How on earth has this babe slipped the net? Lucie is another Edinburgh blogger that I've known for a while and somehow not included here. She's clever, self-depracating and plain hilarious.
Lucie's a lifestyle blogger rather than a fashion blogger, writing much more varied and in-depth content than clothes (I love me a Lucie rant) but, having known her for a while IRL, her outfits are right up my street. Lucie has a million incredible pieces squirreled away (two words- Isolated Heroes) and I want to raid her shoe collection.  Her penchant for a patterned legging, rainbow hair and all things from her native Canada make her style unique, fun and vibrant. I'll even forgive the onesies because she somehow makes it work. She's not just a creative fashion hoarder though- get into her blog for the big topics.

You can spot Lucie's selfies and vegan snacks on Instagram, or get chatting to her on Twitter. Just keep your eyes off her beautiful dog, Rhod- he's mine.

Helen is crushin' on... The Devil Wears Tartan

Like Kimberley I've gone for a blogger I've met IRL as this months crush. Granted I've only met the lovely Lauren once (at Kim's birthday celebrations in fact) but she was super nice and easy to get along with. Plus I feel like I know her a lot more from reading her blog. That may sound rather creepy but Lauren writes in a really personal way about a variety of different topics; from politics to film and sex to vintage shopping. I admire how open she is about her own life experiences and feelings, something that always terrifies me. It's amazing how she can move from posting about big topics, like feminism and consent, to writing about pizza in a way that seems natural, like having a conversation with a friend. Her style is right up my street too - relaxed and eclectic with plenty of awesome vintage finds.

Plus she's one of my favourite folk to follow on Twitter and her Instagram's rather great too.

We are also lovin'

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